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February 06, 2009


Single Kelly

Let the goat jokes commence! Lol.

Orange Fescue

Wow. He's beautiful. Especially the eyes.


Him and the goat are making the same face, am I right?

Single Kelly

The goat is pretty sexy too. Hahaha.


i can see why your single, kelly! LOL.... stop drooling over the goat, and look at drew!!! damn! what a hottie!

Ronda in Seattle

I'd totally friend that.

woman of danger

great news: he didnt delete me off his facebook!! ALLLLRIIIIGHT!

Chris, this is totally CUTEDOWN material!

Laura McCullough

Beautiful man, beautiful kid. Where the hell do they live?

Single Kelly

Oh, I totally agree that Drew has fantastic eyes. Alls I'm sayin' is, you gotta give the baby goat his due too. Sexy man. Sexy goat. Lmao. Oh baby, oh baby.


Beautiful picture but...I would feel slightly awkward if one of my friends put one of my pictures on a website without asking me first. Perhaps you should let him know before he thinks he has a weird stalker..

Gwendolyn Aker

I think I'm in love.

Matt Blank



this is odd...


That guy is seriously cute!


Lord have mercy! I find myself a little smitten.


Sooo adorable!!! Oh, and the goat's kinda cute too.


If you couldn't resist not sending it... then why did you? (I correct the grammar of internet strangers... YAY me!)

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