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February 27, 2009



she's cute. I'm sure the dog is too if she used a sedative like a real CWC photographer.


Try with a camera other than the one imbedded in your laptop?

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

That's some makeup you've got there, miss.


you look adorable.
try photoshopping a picture of your dog with a photo of you.

Amy, UK

Please dont ask Kim! We may end up with the distrubing photography lessons on here again - im not sure i could take that all over again. It made me want to vomit out my soul...

Blurry is just fine.

Amy, UK x


Maybe your dog won't stay still because you're choking him out... try taking just a picture of your dog instead of a "look how cute I am" picture.


Lol, looks like Name Nazi and Katey are jealous of your charming good looks Kim. I'll even admit to being slightly jealous but at least I can appreciate good looks! Both you and your dog are cutie-pies. :)


holy cow, lay off the eyeliner cute girl!


it helps to have someone behind the camera distract the dog with somethin' like a clicky or a toy for a few seconds..just like babies.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Lol, yea I'm REAL jealous of Miss Eyeliner USA.

I for one am just not a fan of the generic-blonde look, that's why I dyed my hair.

And if you'll ask people, I really don't have a problem in the looks-department.


Janina nazi what is wrong with having blonde hair?? It occurs naturally in nature so there's no reason to hate people who have it. If you can't accept yourself in your natural state then you have issues.


Turn on the flash.


Hahaha, twins who no longer speak to each other got blasted on CWC... Funny for sad twin!

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

It's just a personal taste, dear.

Nothing wrong with dying your hair. I'm actually very confident in who I am, if I weren't, I wouldn't say this kind of crap.

And unlike most people, I not only can be bold on the internet, but in real life too.

So I accept myself just fine, I'm just not a fan of the-like I said-generic blond look.


oh for goodness' sake, chill out and get over yourself. Underneath all that eyeliner there's probably a really nice person. And underneath all that bullshit, name nazi probably is too.


Hey Kim, get yourself a camera with a quicker shutter speed and me some tranquilizers

Lisette in Australia

Anybody notice Kim looks like a slightly edgier Delta Goodrem?

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