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February 11, 2009



so cute!!

Matt Blank

Tenebrae looks a little young...Are you sure Rowsdower isn't a paedo?


Tenebrae.. And Rowsdower from The Final Sacrifice!? XD

A possible VtM/MST3K nerd rolled into one? I love it!


Cute with Chris and MST3K! When cults collide? Cute pervy kitties, too.


Where's Leslie when you need her?


Rowsdower is definitely named after Zapp Rowsdower from Final Sacrifice :)

c h r i s s y

I love the volume of Ohio people that like CWC and yet I have YET to meet one in person that I didn't introduce to Chris myself. I want to run into one of you sometime!


The kitties may be MST3K, but the title of the pic is 100% Porland, Orygun! lol ;)


I think this picture was mistakenly put into the "gay pets" category. I forgot to mention in my email that Tenebrae is a girl and Rowsdower is a boy. Definitely heterosexual kitty love


I don't know what's cooler -- that there's a cat here named after Zap Rowsdower (from one of the funniest MST episodes EVAH), or that at least 4 other cult members got that reference already. :)


You do love me! Those two kittens are my niece and neph-kitties. Oh Chris, you do know how to spoil a girl. Haha. Thanks for posting nearly my entire animal family. Keep up the good work.


"We're gonna hit that donut bed."


i was at work until now... but now i can say it... (dare i?)...i loves me some orange furry purry things!


Yeah! leslie, now my day is complete. Some how knowing that someone out there loves all things furry purry and orange, just makes things seem a little brighter


Rowsdower saves us and saves all the world!


YAH Rowsdower is famous first in "Over Backward" and now in "Breedlove"...

I have a picture of him drink beer from a bottle. Maybe I should send that in! They grow up so fast!!!


You know, maybe Rowsdower wouldn't be such a creepo perv if you didn't name him Rowsdower.

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