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February 11, 2009



Furby is such a good sport Carm!

I can only imagine all the cat hair that must have been on his tux after escorting you guys.

Still made for a great picture though =]


Congrats Carm!!! Love your dress, too! I don't envy your son the cat hair he had to clean off that tux, though. Smart of you to make HIM carry Furby. ;)

Connie in Ohio

That is awesome :)

CCL Wendy

What a good boy is Furby! He actually looks like he's having a good time. Did you keep him on a leash afterwards?


Furby is HUGE! His head looks about as big as yours... can't get over it. Is he part mountain lion? ;)




Oh my gosh. This is so funny. I love Carm. And I love Furby. He's hilarious.


You look lovely Carm, and so does the happy couple! Oh wait! That's not the happy couple!! ;-) Even better than a ring bearer,
a cat bearer! Totally funny pic. Love that


That is a frikin' massive cat. Holy eff. Kind of rediculous.

Single Kelly

Glad to see he shaved off the molestache for the ceremony. Lol.
And that's not a cat. That is obviously a woolly saber-toothed tiger. How do you carry that beast?


That cat is a monster!! Is it just the angle of the photo or is that cat truly the size of a T-rex??


That cat, is huge. :D


Congrats Carm & Eric! Furby is looks soo relaxed in the safety of Lord of the Iron Fist who is still single??


Guy says "who is this crazy woman that showed up at my wedding and why is she trying to get a picture of me? I'm getting her and this big ass cat out of here."


i love carm, but this totally looks photoshopped...


Way to try to make your daughter-in-law's special day all about YOU instead of her. You seem to do that kind of thing a lot.

I bet your daughter in law can't stand you, but you are so oblivious that you've never realized it.


What the hell is that thing?!!!!
There is no possible way that creature (cat) isn't something that escaped from a Micheal Crichton novel


Hey Mark?
Stop being a prick, if that isn't too hard for you


Tammy, you are a total moron. Go find a boyfriend! You obviously need to get f*cked. I'm sure Carm is perfectly nice, but it's your kind that really worries me.
Hope you don't have kids and risk the wrath of natural selection.

Single Kelly

A bit over the top, James?
And why waste a good f*ck on Tammy? She wouldn't appreciate it if it f*cked er up the...nevermind.

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