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February 26, 2009



so true!! i just noticed it..omg!

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

I really thought I had some bad anger issues until I saw this.

Now, I'm a very calm, peaceful person.


Thank you for changing my views on my whole entire life, Marvin The 37-teen Year Old Gay Bear.


I honestly cannot wait for the gay bear war on deception.

Ali (not a teenage girl)

i believe him.

the pic of ronald is FAKE


gay bear is right. that pic was soooo fake. thanks for publishing this comment, chris


People, there's no question over whether the pic is fake or not. It IS fake. Go to the comments section on the pic. Click on Chelsea's (the contributor's) name. It'll bring you to her Flickr page, where she admits that it was fake and that she "wanted to see how long it would take people to notice".

Well, Chelsea, people DID notice, and now everyone thinks you're a stupid bitch.


I don't get what everyone is so upset about. It's a fake photo - big deal. The story behind it was cute, the image was a mystery (at first) and now the cult has solved the issue of "is it real or fake".

Try and relax people.


I don't care if the picture is fake. Deer are dangerous animals and should be kept under constant supervision. It would be remiss of us as a society to let animals such as deer wander around freely. I mean, think about it, would you let a serial killer wander around in the woods? Deer are just like serial killers but with antlers. Antlers and serial killers are both dangerous. Do the math. Keep deer inside where you can watch them.

Robin 34teen

if the photo is fake it is both good and a bad fake. There is a natural reflection from the antlers that is almost impossible to make as stark as it is on the dresser, it is incredibly convincing. I do think that the photo has been tampered with however it looks like its in the groin ;) area.

No matter what, it's a bad picture. As for the fur that looks photo shopped or sometimes a shiny coat will look odd on digital camera's especially bad ones. I'm not convinced that the photo is a fake.

I am a professional photographer.

Robin 34teen

Sorry missed one of the comments, the flash and shadow is real. The ass is not. fair enough :)


I didn't notice that the picture looked fake, but the story struck me as unbelievable. If PETA & crew harrassed the neighbor until he had to give the deer away, why would they not be concerned that now instead of living in a yard, Ronald is now living almost entirely indoors? Why would they not just have started harassing her instead of the neighbor? Even if she did manage to give PETA the slip, why would she then go and broadcast that fact on the internet?


I'm a professional fake photography spotter. Please note I was the first to cry "photoshop" on the original blog.

For crying out loud, if a deer was actually laying on the bed, it's weight would clearly put a dent in the mattress, not to mention the mess it would make of the bedspread as it went to lay down.

Chelsea, get a life!


The photo is obviously (badly) shopped. The compulsive lying is irritating. But what really gets me is that the back story was so poorly constructed. It is ILLEGAL to keep indigenous species as pets. If PETA (or the cops, or anyone else) found out about a deer being kept as a pet, it would've been removed immediately.


Wow, I'm surprised I didn't spot the fakeness, and to be honest, I still don't see it hahaha I do believe it's fake though, but I don't see any patching or anything weird, and I've done some Photoshop work like this before...

Lauren H.

I can only think if she went through the trouble of photoshopping this... could she have made it more interesting and fun???? Could she have just told Chris she is a weird teenager who has a deer head that she likes to photoshop???... AND if so, could she have placed him somewhere like on a boat or or flying or at a presidential debate!?!?!?
I think so...


I am an professional faux gay bear spotter.

Marvin gives fat, hairy gay bears a bad name. Their fatness makes gay bears jolly and supportive.

Marvin is more likely a bitchy queen who let his gym membership lapse.

Put down the carbs, Marvin! You make the couch cry!


"Filthy whore"- Dude...a little harsh. maybe she's just a filthy tramp.



Marvin here Chris. I'm actually from Seattle. Not New York.

Thnx K Bye!


Really, people. Calling her a bitch and a whore? I'd hate to see what you guys do when someone REALLY angers you.

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