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February 14, 2009


knee socks

oh no! sad thoughts!


Silje-Mari, Natan is such a great looking horse! His walk is so confident looking, and he looks so lovely. I'm sorry you'll have to give him up, that sucks :(


Aww that's sad but at least he's going to a good home.


Thanks, Chris for not letting us to frikkin mushy today. Love hurts, lest we forget.


Thank you for the sympathy peoples. Yeah, I'll always miss him very much.

He's extremely fast, so I have had a bit of trouble getting used to him (Heh, I used to ride docile old ponies) but we've worked with it, and we've only just gotten to a point where we're both comfortable. (Apart from the fact that he still finds it hilarious to hold his head as high as possible when I try to prep him for a trip! It's bloody annoying to have a horse that's taller than you!)

mucho love


Awww He's so handsome. I'm sorry you have to give him up, but at least you're giving him to someone who will take good care of him.


and he will be mine all mine =P

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