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February 26, 2009



fuck that!


Yeah! Ronald made CWC! I'm so happy! I'd tell him but I don't think he would understand :)


since my first comment got deleted immediately, I decided to write a much more productive comment. But screw this! This story is horrendous... Deer are wild (and stupid) animals. They deserve to live outside with their own kind.


Well Liz, if it were up to me I would have left Ronald in the field that day, but now he's a big pansy and probably wouldn't even survive for more than a few hours outside. The only time he goes out is to pee, go for a walk with us or frolic in the front yard, he knows nothing of predators, the dangers of humans and cars, or how to interact with other deer. It is sad :(


I want one!

Single Kelly

It's sad that he can't live like a deer, but I'm glad that some one is willing to put up with his shedding to keep him safe. It's not ideal, but it sounds like it's the only chance he's got. Does he bump his antlers into things?


She missed the opportunity to write, 'he's got a NICE RACK!'

Sorry your deer was stolen by Jesus and now lives a pet life but at least he is safe and loved and doesn't pee in the house.


Give the fucking animal to a zoo, idiots!
Should have left it alone in the first place. Shit, people piss me off.




There is an apparent abundance of people inflicted with Tourette's on this thread. Let's approach this logically.

It was not the submitter's fault that this deer has since been domesticated. Ideally, it should have been left in the wild, yes. This is NOT what happened though.

There are three options that I see here (well, four...)

1) Continue letting the deer live as it has always known. Again, not an ideal situation but this is what the deer has known its whole life.

2) Release the deer into the wild to be mauled to death by a predator, since it has no sense of what that is.

3) Give the deer to a zoo and let it live in social retardation with other deer, since it has never had the chance to interact with them.

4) Put the deer down. unhappy as I might be with the first choice, it seems the best choice when approached with logic.


Looks like the buck stops here.


he looks dead...inside

Kyle in Arizona

Cool. That is one strange pet, though. Kinda cute. I must admit it, when I look at that buck I see venison steaks and my mouth starts to water. Kinda like looking at cows, pigs, or chicken.

Mmm.. Meaty..


I'll believe the head is actually there on the bed, but the whole back end looks pretty photoshopped to me.

Emily (31teen in TX)

I have to agree that this looks doctored. The depth of field is not consistent near "Ronald's" feet and the feet of the stuffed animal right next to them. Actually, the depth of field in general is just not consistent. Looks to me like a mount with a doctored up body.


Thanx for the kind (and not so kind) comments ya'll. I appreciate the understanding that this is not my fault, nor the deer's fault. When Jesus found him his coat was still damp and his umbilical cord hadn't even dried up. It was obvious he was NOT abandoned! As for the quality of the photo, my camera is a Nikon, if anyone has one they know how much it totally SUCKS! It focused on Ronald's head and everything else was blurry (out of focus)


I guess there should be a Teenage Deer War. Yes the pic looks doctored. It may be real, and if it is, I still think that there is a much more suitable place for a deer. Perhaps some kind of deer rescue or, deer paradise, or deer haven, or zoo, or eh..I dunno deer palace... etc. They grow really big and can get dangerous. Did you watch the story about the face eating gorilla?

Single Kelly

Goes to show, sometimes Jesus DOESN'T save.


There is a breeding facility down the street from my uncles that harvests doe urine (yuck) for hunters. They also harvest shed antlers for people to make chandleirs and other household items, like lamps. I have called them but so far have no reply.


That is so fake! I could tell it was a photoshop shop job on my iPhone! Stop trying to fool the CWC loyalist. We are smart and numerous and don't take kindly to being played for suckers.


Jeeze, some of you people are just crazy and the thought that deer are dangerous is rather amusing. It's not like he's a doe with fawn or something. I suppose he could get aggressive during the rut, but he's "domesticated" now... I use the term lightly since it seems that you can never truly domesticate a wild animal... but like everyone has said, living in a home is all he's known. If he was released, he'd be lunch for either some happy hunter who shot it as the deer skipped over to him thinking he was just another friend, or of course mauled by the many other hungry predators of the forest. I think it a great thing that the deer has a nice home to be in and, overall, that he's happy. :) He'll never have to worry about starving or getting shot (hopefully) or eaten (again, hopefully :P) and maybe because of this, others can learn why you really can't just take wild animals and keep them as pets.


what kind of predators do you people think are lurking in the woods? Deer don't have many natural predators. Is your neighborhood full of wolves? I'm sure that thing would be fine if released. As for having it in your house, enjoy your goring when he ruts, which he will. 'Domestication' doesn't alter hormones. That deer will attack you. Good Luck


Upon closer inspection, this looks shopped. I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.


Good news for all the people concerned with Ronald. The deer facility called after I showed them pictures of Ronald. They were, first off a little surprised, but said they liked his antlers and that he had 'good antler genes' and are considering giving him a permanent home where he can run around 350 acres with 50+ other deer and make lots of little Ronalds, let's keep our fingers crossed.


This looks way fake.

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