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February 26, 2009



can we get you in the troll section?...yeah yeah, I know, it's hilarious, joke's on us.


What is this girl, some kind of compulsive liar? I guess it's thrilling to try to deceive people, but why keep adding fuel to the fire with crazy stories? From now on, I just want to see real, honest cuteness :( This is worse than the cat eyeball.

Chris D.


totally fake, and if it weren't Chelsea would have sent in more than one picture...


Oh, I almost forgot......SUCK IT TANYA!


You "had Chris" post this as a joke? You're kidding, right? You can't "have Chris" do anything. (Except post pics of your recently dead pets)

Photoshop wizard


If you click on the actual photo you'll notice 3 things.

1) the blurriness of the feet vs the clarity of the blankets

2) the stomache line against the blanket

3) the blurriness of the head vs the clarity of the antlers

Don't fall for the lies!!!!!!


Seriously how stupid do you think we are? It even says on your flickr thats this picture is in the "things that are FAKE" pool.


Can we see more photos of him in the house?


yup, big fake. Even if the bad photoshop doesn't prove it, the bad lie of a story does. Umbilical cord still on? Puh-lease.


awww, i think it's sweet. humans do a lot of inhumane things, but honestly, this isn't that bad at all.




I'd like to remind everyone this is fake. Though a well done image it has obvious flaws.

1) look specifically at the nose and how crisp and flat it is. From the depth you can see that it's nose should be resting on the blankets or a little above it, theirs no shadow to show it's above and now sign on the bedspread that it's there.

2) Look now directly at the stem of it's antlers. it's got pretty bad noise, but the background is fine and the rest of the animal looks as though it's received a bit of the Smudge tool to even it out.

3) The antlers shadow. It's not natural looking. It looks like this person copied and pasted the antlers, made them black and moved them back a few inches. The shadow would not show up like that on the dresser if this was real

4) Though she said her camera screws up the blur, look closely, the stuffed animal at it's back feet are in focus, but a few cm away the dears feet are severely smudged. I don't this this was a bad photo, i think this was a back Repair job due to someone trying to remove grass (or something else) from it's back feet.

I think thats enough evidence. As much as she wants to make you believe this is true, she's still just bull shitting.


There are far too many problems with this photo.
1)(as mentioned above) Depth of field is way off on the hind end of this picture.
2) There are jagged edges on the teddy bear on the far right of the picture, which makes it look to clean of a cut.
3) The shadows, while "well done" for a photoshop are not entirely accurate against the backdrop which seems further away than the shadows suggest.
4)Deer are heavy. Heavy enough to indent a matress from their body weight.. let alone the sheets. Unless that deer levitated onto the bed, there's no way the sheet would be undisturbed like that.
5) I'm pretty sure those antlers look polished. Unless Jesus polishes them.. which I'd think would be quite difficult...


So, tell me... Is that a hoof near Ronald's back legs? It's barely in the shot, but is in there. If, in fact, it IS a hoof, it could be that of the photographer's meaning, of course, that this entire rouse has been created by a family of deer!! They are both intelligent and cunning, those white-tails... They'd do almost anything to embarass the human race after the injustices we've done to their kind for centuries!

Someone needs to get to the bottom of this and let them know we will NOT be made fools of by a family of deer!!


looks like someone copy/pasted a picture of a deer onto a bed. lol


So, I clicked on Chelsa's link from the previous post she made.
And was taken to more photos of "Ronald".

The set is here:

Some are very disturbing.
Like, where is the rest of the deer?
And its damn blurry...

And the most disturbing?

Scarred for life.
Poor Ronald.


Wildlife is a Tereso has given us life and our obligation is to keep this treasure healthy, thank you very much for this topic is very interesting to talk about wildlife and its wonders.

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