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February 21, 2009



Wait--Caleb named the dog after HIMSELF?? EW.

Or was it the dog who actually sent in his own photo?

I'm confused.


How can you not love that face?!?!?

Sarah aka KB

Aww fluffy! Caleb and caleb jr?


Caleb must be talented.

cute dog!!!!


Caleb must be talented.

cute dog!!!!


When I was in fifth grade, I knew someone who was named Cody. His parents also had a dog named Cody. They had the dog first.
Kinda like naming both your sons Pete?

Single Kelly

My mother wanted to name me Theodora so she could call me Teddy (after her best friend in college), but my Dad wouldn't go along with it. Thank God. So she just named the dog Teddy.


Hi, this is Caleb's owner and my name isn't Caleb! If you hover your mouse over the photo, you can see both of our names are listed.

Ice Cream Jim

Chris made a typo. While Caleb is quite talented, he didn't send in his own pic. Nor is Caleb's person also named Caleb.

Sometimes Caleb comes to work for the day and I get to help watch him! I make him frozen yogurt treats. Caleb's the best!

Janice Steele

I am Caleb's grandma and I named him Caleb and my daughter's name is not Caleb. He gets lots of compliments when he is taken for a walk and has a very sweet personality.

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