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February 01, 2009



I don't know which I find funnier, Chris' appology for cursing, or that he seems to think that the audience *wants* a close-up of the frozen puppy ball--which he won't get to keep when he's adopted out anyway (I assume Ottowa shelters have mandatory neutering prior to adoption). I myself still think Sandra would be a good guest editor. As long as you don't pay her, I don't think you'll be violating any child labor laws.

Oh, and Michelle, do you know what happened to your adorable puppy pal? Have you ever had an update from the adopting family?


haha i agree with smillin
i thought it was hilarious wen chris broke and smiled haha
and then told her not to say bitch

great episode completely worth the wait


Max the bandana cat! (very high quality).


Oops...sorry--so excited about the bandanas, posted in the wrong section.

B. Jax

I feel like it has been far too long since I've heard those sweet words..."all your dreams are dead".


I luv puppyz.


but you gave your inner child a break.


i like it when Chris has fun with his own format...sometimes 'all your dreams are dead' doesn't quite cut it and he drops the f-bomb...hee's refreshing!

Tom Davis

I vote for Dickie from Edmonton for Everything. He's cutest and he should be your assistant. Really! He's totally cutest!


I think you could make yourself a rat tail, dude. Like the guys used to wear in 3rd grade. That said, thank you, I was so excited to hear "All your dreams are dead." It was sweet relief. And tidy Colty is win!


LOL at Chris cracking up while swearing at Sandra. Good call leaving that in.

And I think Michelle will be a great choice, if only because I'm from Ottawa.


Chris... after an entire day of no new posts and seeing that Albino Moose starring back at me for an entire day... I started to panic!

Thanks for enlightening us on your guest editor selection criteria... Older than you... not as CUTE as you.

Michelle will be GR8! I visited Ottawa this past summer. Loved it!


Finally the old Chris is back. I love this episode :D


Wait, bitch is a bad word? I thought this was a show about puppies and kittens.

Girl dogs are called "bitches". Singularly, "bitch".

It totally makes sense to say "bitch" when talking about puppies.

For example, "Bitch gonna' have a litter!"

Ashlee Perry

yay! the good old Chris is back! good episode! xxx

c h r i s s y

This was the best episode I've watched in a while...really funny!! Oh, Chris. You still got it!

Mr. Eaves

So... when can I get my Official Cute With Chris "Back the F#@k off, kid!" tshirt?

Hil. Ar. Ious.

Jamie Martin

Oh man, I laughed so hard I cried.

Good job on this episode, Chris. :)


I believe you have achieved your personal goal of being the worst influence on kids.
Congratulations, I'm sure Sandra's mom loves you to death.
P.S. your fucking hilarious


No offense to Chris, but what parent in their right minds would let their 11-year-old watch this show? Have they ever seen it? Do they realize this is not a show about puppies and kittens?


BTW, is her name Shannon or Sandra? Get your story straight, Chris!


Hey Chris, gotta question. Are you on Twitter? If so follow me, @rocky


Chris is always so serious, gotta love when he laughs at his own comedic genius. Thank Sandra for giving him the perfect opportunity to swear...again, and again, and again. "Back the f**k off kid!" Priceless, all hail the lord!

Master Twinkie

another lord and master? i serve one master!


you shouldn't lay on a pillow right before filming. supercuts or prozac should solve the hair problem.

Andrea Jo

Woah, Chris is feeling sassy this week.

And the outro was really f'in long. Woah.

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