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February 22, 2009



I like the penisrat. I think she is cute.


Great episode, though I am shocked my cat Scooter didn't win the cute-down. :) Oh well, I have a few other cats who still have dreams.


Not all "Goths" like rats and they are not all stupid or teens.
I happen to know many extremely intelligent people young and old who like alternative clothing to what you consider "normal" not a single one owns a rat.
I myself have a do own a dog but would love to own a rat (not a hairless one though).
Domestic rats do not have diseases it is wild ones if you bothered to do a little research you'd find that out.

P.S. if your perception of "normal" is people who can't spell and aren't open minded then i have a few "Goth" friends who fall into that category.

=] have a nice day


I actually think Penelope looks cute.
Sorry Chris


loveit when ya get fystie =) muaw*


OH MY GOD. I get enough penises thrown at me in real life i think it is nasty and gross that you would post that create. all f ucking rats should be made into dog food to feed REAL pets. I am so sick of all these weirdo emo chicks saying "you just dont get it!". RATS ESCAPED FROM HELL AND SHOULD RETURN THERE. and they should take there twilight loving, guyliner listening, self pitting, no life, emo loser owners with them. If i here about another f ucking rat or goth chick that i would never talk to on this show, meant for CUTE things (like normal teenagers, and me :D), i will blow my brains out.


by the way rachel from three comments above you are a total loser and could never get laid. freak.


thats what i was trying to say!
it just didn't come out right :P


thanks sierra, i geuss your the only other normal one in all these insane goth lovers. freaks.


I have rats, but they have fur.

They enjoy to have their own rat battles.


oh my god leslie you are a loser, you're one of those emo freaks i was talking about. freak. get a life.


Ok... Chris..
So, I am stuck. My girlfriend is obsessed with you. (Ali)... And well, I'm wondering how I could come to a way to either one) make your videos stop, or; two) give her reasons to stop watching this. I mean, how would you feel coming home, and all you hear is your girlfriend talking about some guy name Chris. I mean, I'm not really a fan of your site, but I support the way you have all these girl crazy for you, just cuz you can show a picture of a cat. Anyways... Not wanting to blab on... if you could.. find a way to make her not think about you soo much.. or possibly.. stop making your videos.. bc... well... yea.. i had to take this computer from her to type this... i didnt feel like taking the time to e-mail.. cuz that'd involve finding out your e-mail... anyways.. will support your gay scenes in your movies.. it makes more sense now... but come on.. stop leading these girls on... anyways... she's dying to see your page some more... soo.. good bye...
(NOT A HATE MESSAGE, just a message of help)


ew. gay freak.



ok, once again here you are being extremely crude.....
and whats w/ your obsession with getting laid??
are you really that much of a slut.
and what do you mean by "normal teenagers" like you??
cutewithchris is for everyone.
and yeah, im on your side when it comes to thinking rats are gross....
but goddamn, youre fucking embarrassing yourself insulting everyone like you are.
you give off the impression that you must have a social disorder or something ...
you put alot of emphasis on how you really dont like "weird" girls...... why?? are you hiding the fact that maybe youre grotesquely deformed?? nobody wants to be friends with you??
i mean, jeesh, wtf.
putting down ppl, their, pets, and making that statement that art is for losers.....
fuck, youre the loser.





im just now noticing some other comments youve made....
"you are a total loser and could never get laid. freak."
"you are a loser, you're one of those emo freaks i was talking about. freak. get a life."

im not even gonna say anything. you embarrass yourself as it is :)

i will only help advertise your ideology that apparently every teenage girls life goal should be to
"get laid" and strive to not be a "freak" or in anyway different from being a "normal" teenager







@rock whatever the hell your name is...

Im am not a freak nor am I incapable of getting "laid" as you so tastefully put it. personally i dont find getting "laid" a priotity like you do, i can live with or without that activity.

The fact you think everyone who thinks differently from you is a "freak" is amusing.
(i think what i said in my last comment about "normal" people still stands.)

though i must thank you for making assumptions about me and others and branding us. im sure being a non open minded person will get you far in life.

Im pretty sure you've probably never tried talking to the people you consider "freaks" most of them are very intelligent and nice people also a lot of them are just as slutty as the "normal" people you so love being a part of.

Again i hope you have a nice day =]


you are jealous because you guys are total losers who think your sooo smart and stuff. you guys probably emo chicks who stay at home and be all angst with your p enis rats and your screamo music. you are jealous of me because im normal, i listen to normal music, i have s ex a lot, and i was the homecoming queen. plus my daddy gets me whatever i want. anybody who has time for art, and boks, and stupid things like that are complete loser and cant get any. people who cant get any are freaks and dont matter. everyone else on this page are totally lame and guys will never even want to talk to them. so get a life and stop being so jealous. freaks.


by the way, of course im a slut. thats why im so cool. everybody likes me and you guys are all jealous because you stay home eating chili and getting fat and feeling sorry for yourself, all you have are your stupid boks like twilight, people like you guys should just go die becuase nobody cares about you. freaks.


i used to have two white rats, nicodemus and barbeque sammich, as pets. so out of loyalty to the rat-owning teen girl clan, i vote for penelope.


oh, oops, this is not the place for voting. my apologies, m'lord.




ew shut up freak you voted for a dick rat, you dont matter. BY THE WAY, the only effing reason im writting comments is because im home all week with mono. freaks.

Sarah aka KB

hehehe, teenybopper flamewars, loving it!
I think us abnormal freaks who have greater cares in the world than being Miss-superslutty-superficiallypopular-daddysgirl, should just leave rockgodess379 to live in her own little world filled with hate and prejudice.

Although I have to say I'm not liking the pen*s with legs...

I think I'm going to go read a book. Because I can't get any.


omg sarah u totally prove my point loser. you are all jealous. freaks.

Ali (not a teenage girl)

@rockgodess the SLUT who's proud of it


IF you are honestly for real when you say all the shit you just said, you have proved that YOU are the FREAK.
FIRST OF ALL, you can guarantee it that i am DEFIANTLY NOT jealous of you.
2nd of all, im not a teen & dont live at home anymore. as ive pointed out before, i live w/ my bf so i have no problem "getting laid". but unlike you, we probably have a healthy sex life.. i dont have a pet rat. i personally dont like screamo/loud shit music (but whatev if other ppl do). I HAVE A JOB, and if i want something, i EARN the money MYSELF to buy it.
and WHY THE FUCK would i want to have sex with multiple partners?? :/ its fucking unhealthy. you probably have an STD already. how fucking gross.
i feel embarrassed that i even feel the need to prove myself to you.
i honestly think youre a liar.
you are an 11 yr old who likes to make up shit, bc maybe you think its funny to see everyone respond negatively to your cmnts. idk.

why the do you even watch Cute With Chris?
im sure its too much of a "freak show" for you to handle.
leave. see how fast you can catch mono again.

Fuck You Promiscuous Bitch.

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