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February 22, 2009



I am not a teenager or goth, but I sure am ready to start a rat war. BITCH, PLEASE.

My vote it for Penelope the hairless rat. She's beautiful! <3


Colty sounds different. And new catch phrases? Nifty.
Ew. Why someone would want to hold a p*nis with eyeballs and four legs is really rather beyond me.


YES. A new episode! I've been waiting for this, and it was worth the wait. I'm going to have to side with our fearless leader though, on the rat thing.


Does anyone else have a problem with this antispam filter? It keeps refusing to post my comment even though it's clearly not spam.


Rats are fugly as it is, but without hair? Damn. Also, this is THE greatest show ever, and if I have to drop out of college it will be because this site is such a big distraction!

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)



Oh fuck yes, bitch.

I think I'm kinda on the fence about rats. They can be cute, but to most people think they're ugly as shit.

I think part of that is because of my personality. I swear to God, as much as I change the way I look, I'm still a goth. IT WON'T GO AWAY!

So I can understand if someones not..."unique" like me, they might not think that rats are "cuuuuuuute!"


The video says it's "no longer available"...


rats/ cuuuutttee? I think not

Sniclefits gets my vote, purely for that hat,

and if this war gets started i think people will start getting rat posin in the mail....or just rats


Audio sync fail, Chris.


Funniest thing about this post was that he actually said "LAST WEEK I asked you who is cuter..." ha,ha,ha.Awesome,chris,just awesome.


Rats are disgusting. My bro had one and it died. I have to say I was happy.
R.V. turned out hot! =)


all penises with 4 legs should be nuderd


gtfo this cult goth girls that think rats r cute >:(


Mr. Eaves

Teen girl rat wars are so much more entertaining than real ones. Thank you Chris, you wicked Canuck.

A friend of mine had a pet rat, and it was kinda cool. Except it had fur and you'd never mistake it for a pink pearl eraser (or genitalia). I wouldn't want one for a pet, though.

btw, I laughed for a solid minute when Colty said, "where's my pills."


Rats are hideous.

My cat thirsts for their blood.



I agree with Chris and everybody else. Those rodents are ugly
My cats would go after them and you know I wouldn't stop them


OH MY GOD!! i know jake! he's one of the RA's in my dorm!!! :D


Chris, this is not funny. Rats are cute, adorable animals. Not... um... erm... what you said!! They are very intelligent and despite what you say, A-FREAKEN-DORABLE. GO RATS!!


Come to Philly, you can get all the rats you want for free. They hang out in the subway and are all over the dumpsters in alleys behind the restaurants!

Rats are ew gross, that's why they made that movie Them and Ben.


Sorry, Them is wrong. I think it might have been They? There is another killer rat movie. Also Willard is a good one too.


I'm so happy this episode is up!!!
I sat around waiting and now I'm happy.
Sorry about your Mac :[


all animals are cute in their own...unique...ways. But I just don't think I would have the heart or balls to cuddle something that looked like a PE with an IS at the end.
Since you censor.
Sorry, kiddies.


and ahem rats are freekin gross
why do people even have them, dont they have dieseses
you stupid goth teens get a freekin dog like us normal teens gawd


I am a 23teen post-goth. Note the "post."

When I graduated high school and had my very first apartment, I had two little rats for pets.

I loved them so.

One day I came home from work to find that one of the rats had killed the other rat, flipped it on its back, and ripped out its intestines as a welcome home present.

I no longer love them so.


if you like a PEN with an IS, then you should also like a hairless rat..xDD

Kittie in TEXAS

I can't disagree the fact that hairless rats look like genitalia (love the censors keeping us from saying PEN + IS) but at the same time, they can be pretty sweet animals.

The one bad thing is the balls on male rats. Like, come on. That's ridiculous.
(And ironic, if it should be hairless.)

I think we all need to calm the eff down and eat a cookie. rats = ugly but nice. done.

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