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February 21, 2009


NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)



Second time! SECOND TIME!

I'm breaking out the Ben Nye and the #2 brush again tonight!

Prepare to have your inbox filled with pictures of No Name in KITTY MAKEUP!!!

Thanks again!

I'm gonna cry...


This is awesome :D
I do actual makeup like that people wear on a daily basis (not that this isn't a...erm...daily look ;D) and I use the Ben Nye palettes! lol. That really doesn't matter but yeah.
Freaking sweet job doing the make up :D


Sometimes I think I visit this site too often.

Sometimes I think I am the biggest Cute With Chris fantard ever and feel slightly embarrassed for myself.

Then I see a picture like this, and I know I've got a long way to go to Crazy Cat Lady-dom.

So thank you, No Name! Thank you so much.


I am so wearing that tomorrow


I have put cat makeup on but it didn't look as good as this. ):

Sarah aka KB

Totally awesome Nona! Or shall I call you Pandora? I vote for Nona as guest editor - I almost dread to think what we might be exposed to....


i think cat makeup is a little lame.
and pearls? what cat do you know that wears pearls?

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Someone has obviously never seen the musical "CATS"


You're really cultured.

And, for your information, a makeup artist is my backup career for when I'm auditioning for Broadway.


I gotta say, like your first picture, this one just screams hotness.. or cuteness.. or maybe a mixture of both.


I've had to do my own stage makeup, and it isn't as easy as people would think. I didn't have to make myself up as a cat, either, and I didn't do as good a job as this.

Go get em, No Name... Broadway won't know what hit 'em. :-D


no name, i thought you were going away????

and i have seen cats. on broadway. and i don't think pandora is in it. at least not on broadway cause it closed several years ago.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Then you would know that one of the cats wears pearls.

Oh, gee? REALLY? Pandora WASN'T in CATS?

Well, golly, I had no idea!

You're really just not making sense, now.

And no, I'm not going away, because now CWC has that "Old Chris" feel again.


Cat make-up rules.
Cat make-up on CCL Carm really roolz.

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