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February 28, 2009



Aww... how sweet and sad and sentimental... well, up until the whole 'laying dead by the side of the road' bit, anyway...

Ashlee Perry

Thats so sad, but never give up hope! sending loads of to you Renee. xxx


I've lost a cat before, and it sucks.
:( Unfortunately, he never came back.

Poor girl. Good luck, I hope you find him. :)

Eric near Detroit

Ex-boyfriends suck. Thyme went to a nicer garden where he could be truly happy.

Amanda from Normal IL

The story and the cute pic made me want to WAH!!!!

Thyme looks like a sweetie. Maybe someone snatched him up. Hope he comes back to you!


Aw, I am so sorry to hear about your kitty, that's so sad. Hopefully someone has found him and has given him a good home.


I had a cat that disappeared for a week or more, and he surprised me when he came back home, mewing at the back door. Don't give up hope! :(


Goes to show, it's crazy cat LADY. Men don't know how to be crazy cat obsessing people.
Poor kitty :(
I send my condolences.
Thyme is adorable.

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