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February 11, 2009



... lol


If you have to ask...

c h r i s s y

Aww this is cute. You join by sending me your money. :)


well, you can win over the largely CCL base by submitting photos of your buttocks.

I haven't done that yet, but since you seek acceptance so badly, maybe you should?

Sarah aka KB

Well first there's the ceremonial de-robing, then the drinking of the kool-aid...


Well, it depends: are you a boy or a girl?

If girl, you must IMMEDIATELY go to the nearest shelter and adopt a minimum of 5 cats. Or dogs. No hamsters, snakes or lizards. Then you must take thousands of pictures of their cute antics and send them to Chris. If he accepts one you're in. If he helps them experience their inner laser... all your dreams are alive.

If boy, well, you must either date/marry a CCL, send in lots of pics of a scantily clad you cuddling up to cute animals (no hamsters, snakes or lizards), or become a gay bear. And then send in lots of pictures of your gay bear self cuddling up to cute animals (no hamsters, snakes or lizards).

Oh yeah, as Sarah said, you also gotta drink the kool-aid...


Here's the rules:

1. Must love kittens, puppies, or other furry animals, but not lizards.
2. Must watch the show religiously every week AND read the web updates every day.
3. Must be able to write snarky smart-ass comments.


1. Watch all the shows on YouTube. Multiple times.
2. Visit the blog daily. Multiple times.
3. Buy a t-shirt. Multiple times.
4. Be able to predict what other regulars will say in their comments (for example, Leslie loves orange furry purry things).
5. Start looking forward to certain people's comments on posts (Matt Blank, you're my hero).
6. Leave your own comments.
7. See a post on the blog, have a reaction to it that you think is funny or unique that you might want to share in a comment, then see that your thought has already been posted by at least two other cult members.
8. Make references to the show in your daily life that no one else gets but you.
9. Recruit more people to the cult.
10. Support Chris in all his endeavors. But please don't murder him.


8. Make references to the show in your daily life that no one else gets but you.

I am guilty of this.
Often, the result is long periods of silence.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)


You're not even worthy, now that you've said that.




Joining CWC is just like finding your soulmate. Once you're a member, you know. No one can tell you. So, if you had to ask......... you know where I'm going with this.


You'll know my friend, you'll know.

But really, when your loved ones start buying you T-shirts from Chris, you recommend the site, submit atleast one thing (accepted or not), and think of small horses as "Colty", that's when it absolutely hits you.

Example: I was watching Ace of Cakes and they were making a brown horse for a cake and all I could think was "Do all horses look like Colty?"




T- Bone...

Don't listen to the rest of these folks, most of them are talking out their asses (and by asses I mean donkeys, of course).

To become a cult member, simply wire transfer 4.3 million dollars into my account by Friday. If you don't, the flying monkeys will hump you (from behind) in your sleep. It's not pleasant, I would send the money...


Someone get the donkey a chair.

I mean, post catchphrases as responses to others' comments.

Mr. E


It's too bad that you're straight, because I would love to ask you out.

Chris Cudworth

First rule of Cute Club is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT CUTE CLUB.
Just kidding, here are the REAL rules:
You must wear a "Bunnyhug" at all gatherings.
.All cat pictures must include the "Kitty Zone".
Pictures of "Hot Man Flesh" are optional.
Must complain once a week that Chris as not showing enough kittens/cute/man flesh/or something else you have dreamed up to whine about.
Must own a cat or nine.
If allergic to cats, must own a fhugly sweater with one printed on it, even if you are male.
Must be able to animate vomit.
Must show a compromising picture of a boyfriend or friendly drunk male, partially nude or in a full cat body stocking.
Must be willing to use mind bleach after Googling the cat body stocking, to find out what it actually is (BTW thanks Chris).
Refer to all romantic prospects with "Hit that doughnut!"
Send in a low quality photo of a lizard to gain respect. Chris waits with anticipation and joy at this!

And comment on Chris's looks, especially tell him how disheveled he looks after working for nothing and pleasing teens with cute kitten video's. You will get all his love. <3
Now that you have completed these steps and sealed yourself from the rest of society, with your hoarding, fashion -challenged, voyeuristic, deviant behavior, you are a full fledged member,CONGRATS!!
Now go forth and horde even more cats!

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