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February 12, 2009




I was watching Good Day LA the other day and "David after Dentist" was shown and discussed. Apparently some people are upset that Dad 1) taped his high on legal and appropriately used drugs, and b) posted it on the net. Even Jillian (a co-host on the show who normally has a sense of humor) didn't like it. My 2 cents: Bottom line, dads and moms think and respond differently to some situations with their kids. Moms cuddle and soothe, dads laugh things off (as long as no one's in danger or hurt) and thereby normalize a potentially distressing situation for their child by assuring them that they will survive the discomfort.

I'm a woman w/ no kids and I thought it was funny. . .I'll make a horrible mom someday. ;-)

Besides, apparently even David's laughing at it.


Well, I still maintain, as I did when I submitted this this morning, that this kid would make an awesome Guest Editor. I think she really has the Cute With Chris sensibility down.

Of course, the 4.93 million other viewers who probably also send this in may have had other views. I can understand your not going with my suggestion.



yea, I can't believe people are upset about the video either, it was even discussed on Bill O'Reillys show last night. These people need to get a grip. It was funny. Thats all there is to it.


After I saw this I watched the original Kittens Inspired By Kittens. I like that one better.


i feel funny, y can't i touch it?

Mallory =^_^=

I see no difference between 'David After Dentist' and anything involving children on say ... America's Funniest Video's. If Dad has showed the tape only to family and friends would it be less 'evil'? If he hadn't taped it at all but told the story over and over (as most people do) would that be appropriate? The child was not put in danger and this would have happened whether or not it was taped. What about the maze face jumpy outy thingie that's all over the web? That's far more harmful than this. Think about this next time you play a trick a 3 year old. And please, please at least try to lighten up. Enjoy life. Stop looking for trauma and laugh at life.

-Mallory, CA


that was funny!


Very funny. I hope that one day when I have kids, I too can tape them saying ridiculous and funny things while high on drugs. What? I"m gonna the blackmail when their teenagers.

Martin W



I have that book!!

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