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February 25, 2009



I feel bad for all the stray cats in Cuba. If I lived on a farm I would take them all home, and become a crazy Cuban cat lady.

stevie impersonating leslie

I loves me an orange furry purry thing! ;)

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Someone remind me never to go to Cuba.

Me and my mom have a really bad habit of keeping every animal we feel sorry for.

Epecially cats, because they're so cute and delicate and defenseless...I have to take care of them!


NNFY! (nn): There's probably an embargo on Cuban cats. You will have to rescue them on the black market.


Nice Ryan!!!Nothing hotter than a man that loves cats! That is a cute cat ;)

c h r i s s y

Must be nice to be able to travel to Cuba, haha.


Aww! Good man.


Aww! Good man.


You guys are going to make me say it?


Why does it look like he's flossing the cat's teeth to me?


i guess i don't have to say it since stevie is now impersonating me! (thanks stevie! you made my day!)
but oh yes, i do have to say it! I LOVES ME SOME ORANGE FURRY PURRY THINGS!

and No Name--pretty much anywhere you go outside of the USA or parts of Europe, you are going to see tons of stray cats. it's sad.


It's nice to have some local kitties when one is vacationing! Cats are great judges of character in men... Girls in Ontario take heed!

CCL Wendy

I'm Ryan's mama -- and he's single and looking (for a female)! I want grandchildren. I already have two grandkitties, but it would be nice to have the human kind, too.

Maria (in Ireland)

That cat is smiling! He's got a proud, mischievous look about him!

matt blank

Rawr. Since you were on vacay in Cuba there have to be shirtless photos. Right? Please say there are....


My Papa always used to say (in a very heavy accent)

"Honey, if a man cannot love a cat, he can never really love his sweetheart."

He was, of course, referring to all animals (including hairless rats) ...


I would sit on Ryan's lap!


Men with cats? Totally sexy! Ryan makes
my day by sharing his food with this
little orange charmer. Rome is the city with the most stray cats I've ever seen!

John Schrag

Weird... I just got back from Cuban resort yesterday, and I remember that cat clearly. (Or, possibly one that looked exactly like it.) He would sit majestically by the tables at all the outdoor restaurants, pretending not to care but allowing you to feed him. My hubby and I dubbed him "el gato delgado" because he (like all the other animals there) was somewhat thin.

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