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February 27, 2009



They are not like rats. Chipmunks are like cute talking animals from Disney movies...anyone see Enchanted? HELLO. Cutest things ever. Rats one the other hand are like PENlSES. Not so adorable.


chipmunks are cute. i like them. but not as much as i like furry purry orange things.


chipmunks are cute i like it when they steel things lol

Single Kelly

I, for one, am a huge fan of Chippendale's. I mean, Chip & Dale.


I live near there, and you ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO FEED THEM!


The carbohydrates in the crackers are not good for their digestion, and with that kind of food, they make the wrong kind of fat for winter, so they end up too thin half way through the winter. Then they die.


You are kil ling little pikas (not chipmunks. learn their name if you're going to try to kil l them).


OH CRAP! I threw a chalupa off my balcony for a chipmunk to eat and he threw it right back at me. I just thought he was rude but now I know he was just teaching me a valuable lesson.


Ugh shrieking pansy women give the rest of us women a bad rep. I bet she has her husband squash spiders for her too.


Why all the hate, Katie? While pikas are indeed both of conservation concern and cute-worthy, the pictured critters are chipmunks.


YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO FEED THEM. I live a few miles away from Rocky Mtn. National Park...and have been taught from a very small and impressionable age that feeding the Chipmunks is a no no. Don't do it.

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