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February 28, 2009



more pout please and less rat if you could please? thanks, thats just great.
you're rat can't even been seen past your wild hair.
whatever happened to quality pictures?


there should be a guidline 'face to rat' ratio for these pictures...
i love rats, i have 2 myself, however i can't help but think that we're leaving ourselves open to attack in this war of the rats when 'myspace' pictures are used to fight our case.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Where's the rat?


all i see is a rat hand.
and alot of piercings that she's gonna regret when she goes out in the world to get a job.

Dee Dubya

I'm seeing a trend with these people showing off their rats...


Leslie, Don't we all regret something? Maybe she will be famous one day and you will be salty as hell.


more than likely not though fat_head. i'm sure leslie has bigger fish to fry than worring about someone who will etherially become famous for being generic.


Chris, what's up with the rats?! What ever happened to your original mission, which was cuteness? What happened to the cute kitties and puppies?

I used to do research on mice and rats, so I have no sympathy for them! I'll just as easily cut their heads off and take their brains out for research. Which is for real what I used to do.

-Christina, Cambridge, MA


I agree with most people in that the photo should have more of your rat in it, but I like your snake bites. And your rat too.


I'm pretty sure Chris' original mission WAS NOT cuteness...


Well, ya never know.


Yeah, I'm a bit sick of the 24/7 rats as well.


I do have a job, actually. It's not like the piercings are permanent, I can take them out.

:) And my rat is clearly seen in the right.


well i must admit Chris and Jessica(a friend of mine and Leslie(i know this Leslie in real life))

rats are disgusting.

but your rats are not as horribly disgusting like most.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Yea, but when you get a job, they look into these kinds of things.

And the one you have now at Burger King doesn't count.

Yes, you can see the rat, but there's more of you.


Who are you to assume that I work at Burger King?

I have an apprenticeship at a high-class restaurant called Pimentos.

As I have facial piercings, I would know a little bit more about who accepts what, and I can take them out, and it's kinda like I don't have them at all! (Who'da thought?!)

You might want to find out more about a person before you make your pitiful assumptions.


NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

It's a resturaunt, you're a teenager, same difference.

The point is, you DO have them.

They're there, and I assure you; when you get older, you will probably think that it wasn't the brightest idea.

I would know, I've been there.


The difference between a fast food joint, and a high-class restaurant is huge.

And I've already thought this out, it's not like I'm keeping the piercings much longer.

I wasn't going to keep them my whole life, that's just absurd.

Sorry about seeming angry, by the way.


NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Me too. :)

I'm just like that.

Well, I have a different opinion, but whatever you say.


Yeah, this is kind of just turning into a big old Look-At-Me-fest. And if I didn't know there was an entire community of Rat Fans out there without piercings and dyed hair, I think I may be convinced that Teen Goth girls were all rat owners. I'm trying not to be offended by this, but I think we need to show a more diverse picture of rat ownership because you're just proving to people that think it's weird to have rats that it is, that you're associated with a weird culture. This isn't about lifestyle, this is about rat cuteness.


The rat looks like half of it was diped in shit or chocolate either way i don't like that rat.


Rat's cute.
You on other hand, need to get your hair washed before EVER submitting your photo to CWC again.


Did that rat just come out of her hair?? Is that what they mean when they talk about rat nest hair-dos?


Hey, my hair was wet guys.

I thought that was obvious.


And just to clear things up.

It's not like this was the only picture I sent Chris. I had sent him other pictures with this one that had a better view of my rat, but he chose to but up this one.

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