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February 27, 2009



Adorable! Quite the sweet face on that little rat!



matt blank



That is possibly the ugliest thing ive ever seen.


oh that rat is adorable! i my self would have put link on her bum ^^ MMM link... yummy.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Temporary Tattoo YAYA!!!!!

i need to get some of them TATTOOSssssssssssssssssssssss


Hey, that girl is really cute, she might want to get that cyst on her shoulder removed though.

Just kidding of course. I think this whole rat war thing is ridiculous, but I can't help but play a a part in it. I hope you're happy Chris!


At first I totally thought that tattoo was a gaping open sore on her rump, and frankly, I was disgusted. Now that I know it's just a tattoo, I'm rather indifferent about the whole rat war matter.


Eeek, did anyone else think that the temp tatoo looked like an open sore at first glance? *shudders*


Hehe, I guess Madison noticed...

Single Kelly

I agree, it does kind of look like a gaping open sore. Maybe next time use a Hannah Montana tattoo or something?


EEEEEEEEEEK that is just sooooooo wrong.....


A rat with a tramp stamp, now that's something one doesn't see every day.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Okay, I'm on Team Rat...but that thing is just fucking hideous.

Please hide it in your closet so the world will never have to look at it.

Thank you.


BeeChilly, That's a PENlS with a tramp stamp, thank you very much.

(apparently, I can't say p-e-n-i-s? doesn't that negate the purpose of a Teen Girl Hairless Rat war???)


That is the fucking ugliest pet I have ever seen! Seriously that tattoo looks like an open sore! I'm sick of all these nasty rats. They are bred to DIE FOR SCIENCE not be pets. No more rat pictures please!! There so nasty : (


You guys are cracking me up ...
Work finished now ... computer shutting down ...
But, before I go ... I think the rat is wonderful.


it's a little ugly. but ugly can be cute or how shallow are you people? I think it's cute, any pet that is loved is adorable.

and anyway, i'm kinda liking hairless rats, their nasty looking skin just makes me like them more!


To Wheezy and any other jerk out there:

you dont know what you're talking about. Don't be so mean. Don't talk about rats being 'bred for science' cus it's bullshit. that's not all rats are for. they are for being pets too. they are victims from such wicked talk. And what about all the 'normal' animals who are tested for science? like cats and dogs and bunnies? It's okay for rats to be science animals and not the others? that's shit.

All I have to say is don't be an asshole. or maybe someone should just breed you for science, eh?



Ugh, that is one disgusting rat. My brother had a lab rat, it was kind of cute except when those beady eyes began staring at you. *shudder*

Best Fran

She lives in Houston, Texas.
NOT Georgia thanks.

I think she's cute too. :]

Single Kelly

Angelina has a great point. Rats ARE good for other spreading plague.



The Teen rat war is cracking me up. I was once a teen rat owner. I had a lovely rat named Maggie. She was a gift from my room mate. I thought she might be lonely so I took my poor ass to the pet store and made SURE I got another female rat.. I came home one day to find my new rat having babies! Those lumps on Maggie's ass were testicles! Maggie was Max..WTF? I immediately got another home for her/him; as the pet store I frantically called told me Mag would eat the brood. I returned home the next day to find Souxie, the mother, had dismembered every sibling. She left little baby rat heads, arms, legs, and innards all about her home. I'm sorry, I took those things straight away to the pet store.. They were probably snake food. WHATEVER, TOO MUCH FOR ME.


Because of this, I had a dream about rats last night... D:


Oh my gosh cute!
At first I looked at her and I thought the tattoo was a burn! D:
But then I figured it out. She is adorable. And looks almost like a rabbit in the second picture.
Princess Bubblegum and Penelope should have a play date.


ok- seriously, savannah, if you're reading this, please tell me where you got the tattoo :)

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