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February 25, 2009



those are some smart rats to have made those posters.


Eeeee creepy little hands...


they also have excellent penmanship.

you know, for rats.


likes i said, i get enough penises thrown at me in real life. rats are gross and so are their owners who cant get any. freaks.

Libby and Penelope (and Calliope...)

This is adorable! I love their paws, and their dumbo ears.

Sarah aka KB

People throw penises at you? That must be a health-hazard. I surely hope none of the penises thrown your way look quite as furry as these... with cute little hands to boot!


Am I the only one who has noticed the trend in rockgodess's comments? When did "not getting any" become the biggest insult around?

Robin 34teen

Okay, I have to admit that is damn cute. I still think that hairless rats and cats are kinda creepy.

rockgoddess, my dear, if you were getting as much play as you claim you wouldn't have time to pick on these teen girls. Getting some means nothing, someday you will learn that, someday when a man makes you squeal like a pig.... you will understand that quality out weighs quantity.

Oink oink ;o)

Single Kelly

This is f*cking hysterical. Lmao.


the resulting images from this whole teen girl rat war are creeping me out, but i do love these signs.

as for rockgodess, i'm sure she's hoping chris will feature one of her inane, repetitive, negative comments on his show. little does she realize that you cannot manipulate chris (unless you send him photos of pets who have died and then relentlessly make him feel guilty about not featuring them on the site or his show). silly girl.




OK, is the real rat war between ppl who like rats and those who think they are gross, or between rat ppl who like furry rats and those who like hairless rats? Like shirts vs. skins? ;)

If I really have to choose a winner, I'd go for the "shirts". These rats are kinda cute and I like their signs.


oh wow martha who died and made you god. i dont really give a fuck if i get featured on the show. I AM SICK WITH MONO AT HOME, IM BORED. get off my back haters, i say what i mean and mean what i say, so what if i have catchphrases bitch? FREAKS. ugh




you never hear about anyone getting horrible wounded by rats, like you do with cats or dog. they're just too damn cute to be vicious animals. im not saying they're better, i just think they should be treated with the same respect as other pet, and they have alot of qualitys that make them quite loveable. of course if you've only seen those nasty dirty rats that live in piles of garbage, not too cute, but if u meet a well trained cuddly rat, im sure you'll see them in a new light. RATS4EVA!!!!! :p


lora your weird. you only like p enis rats becuase youve never seen a real one, loser.


What about the movie Willard? Those rats were pretty vicious.

ryn the names


these rats are so cute!

i have to say rats with fur are better in my opinion but im sure to others hairless ones are cute too.


Hmmmm???? She gets penises thrown at her(a lot apparently)and she has Mono.


war you say? i will gladly take up steel in defense of normal cats and dogs any day! HAVE AT, rat FREAKS!!


Let me clarify. When I say 'Dog and Cat loving freaks', I mean it with love. I have a dog as well as my two rats - if I really meant it then I would be a hypocrite. Or rockgoddess379 XD

That being said: BRING ON THE WAR! <3


banksy was right


Hi there, Kaitlin. XD I appreciate your post to Chris. HUR HUR HUR. But I love your rats, even if normally they make me D:. Maybe I should send in pictures of our cats and rats together? So everyone knows there's a truce? XD


Cute. :)

And by the way, what's with people thinking that all rat owners are freaky goth bitches? I'm not one.

I just happen to think that rats (with fur) are very cute.

But I'm not obsessed, nor am I going to think people are absolutely crazy for disagreeing. This should not be a war. Can't we all just get along? :)

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