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February 25, 2009



Rat with hair, fine. hairless rats? No thanks.


Yay for the rat war - these babies are CUTE! I like the hairless ones too though. But these hairy fellas definitely have some serious sign making skills. Love it.

Ali (not a teenage girl)


i just wanna say that i have a SPECIAL message for rockgodess379 :)

just click the link on my name.


Ali (not a teenage girl)

ps. i think these rats, as well as the latest pic of penelope are actually cute :)

rockgodess slut who's home sick w/ mono, is a fucking close minded insane BITCH
and she can GOTO HELL

Single Kelly

Let's take a deep breath. Hey, maybe Rockgodess is merely a sensitive poet whose wandering soul is slowly being smothered by the physical and spiritual imprisonment of Mono, and the only way for her to vent her misery is to release a tirade upon unsuspecting hairless rats and their rainbow-headed owners. Maybe not, but let's give her the benefit of the doubt.


This was the funniest shit I have seen all day...thank you, Kaitin!!!

Kittie in TEXAS

...those are cute as hell.

I like rats with fur.


maybe it's just me, but i think if the rat's are really serious about war, then they need to:

A). Not protest on floral sheets.

B). Stop using purple sharpies.

C). Stay away from mint green poster board.

D). Put on ... um ... ratty gloves cuz they tiny hands is soooo cute!


Natty, you asked an excellent question in the previous page of comments. I will repeat here for those who skimmed:

Natty's question: "OK, is the real rat war between ppl who like rats and those who think they are gross, or between rat ppl who like furry rats and those who like hairless rats? Like shirts vs. skins? ;)"

My answer: I don't really know who the war is between, but then again I don't really care, because I just love saying "teen girl rat war" over and over. So let the war rage on.

p.s. And rats are disgusting.


Have you ever held a domestic rat, Martha? I can respect your opinion if you have and you still think they're disgusting. But if you haven't? It's a bit like me saying that people named Martha are disgusting. Which I don't believe to be true since I've never met a Martha in person. But,hey, whatever. More rat love for me.

To Harlan: I suspect my rats to be gay (for each other, anyway) and therefore I used appropriate colors and patterns. I was wondering if someone would notice XD Even if we do lose the Rat War they will have some FABULOUS battles along the way!


Rockgoddess: you, too, are a bitch and can go to hell.


Also, Kaitlin, you're pretty freakin amazing.


Also, Kaitlin, you're pretty freakin amazing.


@Kaitlin, Yes I have held a domestic rat. Shudder. Rats just fundamentally skeeve me out. Guess my cat-loving freakdom runs too deep. No disrespect intended, though. As I posted on the first page of comments, I love your rats' signs. Long live the cult. (Rat lovers and all.)


rockgoddess, having a catch phrase is nice, but having a catch phrase where you are insulting others and putting them down is not. and since you think no one else gets any p enis around here, it is clear the only person around here that does is you, because you suck everything, and now you have mono to show for it. oh grow up, you miserable little kid!


I'm not *against* rats, per se (and I'm not a teen girl) BUT there are several things about rats that turn me off. 1) Chances are, the only time I ever see a rat is on the subway tracks. 2) Rats are generally known for infestation and spreading disease (think bubonic plague) 3) They have nasty, long yellow teeth. 4) Rat tails are just gross.

You're welcome to have a rat for a pet, but get over it- rats are not the new "puppy" and will never equal dogs and cats in cuteness.


See? Cute rats. Some people just don't like rats, and won't get close enough to know them. There's really nothing you can do about it I guess but feel sorry for them. And laugh when they shriek as you attempt to pass one to them. Especially if it's your brother. People who are afraid of rats (male variety or otherwise) say that rats are "gross" to cover up the fact that they are wetting themselves with fear on the inside :) P.S. I also am not a goth, and cannot see how being a goth would help you appreciate the cuteness of a chattery little rat any better than being a regular person. I resent the idea that only weird people have rats. Some people just get it that rats are awesome. I'm sure there are goth cat and dog owners and suburban housewives with pet rats. Let's stop the generalizations here. Rats are cute and anyone can own one.


Sigh. Why does typepad keep thinking I am spam? I AM NOT SPAM!!


Olurvia has a point, rat tails are gross. And I say this as a rat lover. I didn't realize how gross they were until I saw a rat with out one... now that was a cute rat!


Martha: Okay, that's good. And thank you for the compliment about the signs :)

I guess I'm kind of lame when it comes to this battle/war thing because I'm fine with getting along. Us rat lovers (who are not all goth teens - I'm fairly normal) enjoy our pets and that's all that matters. That, and rat tails aren't really gross. They're quite soft. But that's a matter of opinion, I guess.

Anyway, thanks to everybody for the rattie love!


Wicked photos!!
Thanks for the laugh!!!


Rockgoddess, who hurt you? Seriously, you need to chill. If you were getting penises thrown at you you aren't using them right because you sure are cranky. And steer clear of the ones with STD's. If you have mono then you must have some skanky penises flying at your face.


LOL skanky penises... XD


AWW they are so cute with their little war signs ^_^ I have nothing against rats, but I am not a rat lover either, though these 2 are pretty adorable :D


I once had 18 rats. Not planned.
Mom and I each got a girl rat and they both turned out to be preggers. It was a fair amount of work but we did have a lot of fun with them. They all had names and their own personalities. We had rats that were social, sweet, funny, etc. and also had rats at the other end of the spectrum. One, Alicia, was so bitchy she'd bite you no matter what you did.
Some days we'd block off the formal dining room (that was a room where they couldn't hide behind any furniture) and sit there with them while they ran around and played. Another fun thing was M&M days. We'd give each rat an M&M candy and they'd hold it tightly and not move until the candy was gone. We only did that a few times/year since we didn't want them to become M&M junkies.
Sadly, I'm highly allergic to rodents now and I'll never be able to keep them as pets again but I give the thumbs up to rats. They are smart and usualy loveable pets but be aware they are short lived.

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