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February 26, 2009


rat fink

your supposed to keep them fed ;^)


That sucks - I'm sorry. Sounds like it was an aggression issue more than a rat one. Were they males? The same thing happened to a lady I know who had two pit bull killed the other and tore it to pieces.

Ali (not a teenage girl)

lol i remember reading this comment and LOLing



Ya that happened back in the day when my mom had twins. One morning she awoke to find the one baby had torn the other baby apart and was feasting on it's leg. They were both girls.

education is good for you!

this is not the place for pit bull bashing, so cool it.


ummmm. pit bull bashing?


Perhaps being serious isn't a good idea on CWC...I have realized my error. The image of babies tearing each other to pieces is funny, though XD

Definitely not pit bull bashing - just stating the truth, which is that she had two pit mixes. If anything we should hate on smaller, more vicious breeds, like pomeranians. Furry balls of terror, they are.

Single Kelly

Fat_Head's comment made me laugh out loud. Nice!


That's because he asked the other one to ki ll him because he couldn't stand seeing your face anymore.


Jesus, and I thought my rat's battles were bad.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Rat War Death Match.

education is good for you!

kaitlin: why mention the breed at all? the implication was that any dog that looks like maybe it has some "pit" in it is by nature more aggressive than other dogs, and it's not actually true. read up.


I see your a Nine Inch Nails fan judging from your name, ShaNIN. So maybe you exposed your rats to extreme ammounts of Nine Inch Nails song's (probally songs from The Downward Spiral) and one of the rats became a murderer!
(I am just joking of course Nine Inch Nails are awsome. :-) )


I've read up on the pit issue (its been a while though), aren't pits more agressive toward other dogs? As far as I understand, people make the mistake of assuming dog-aggressiveness also mean people-agressiveness, which isn't true. And of course, pit jaws are incredibly strong. A little snuffle might lead to serious injury.

Do correct me if I'm wrong.


Well that's a little awesome.


my gerbils did that! when i was 12. it was traumatizing, and i promise you i kept them fed.

i think it was a revenge killing.

sunflower always picked on midnight, so one day midnight lost his shit and ate sunflower.

like i said, revenge killing...

education is good for you!



"....While pit bulls do carry the potential for dog aggression, the vast majority of pit bulls are very far from “fighting lines,” and many are not dog aggressive at all. It’s not accurate to say that pit bulls are “fighting dogs,” because such a designation fails to describe such a diverse animal population, most of which are very far from “fighting stock” and will never be involved in fighting of any kind."


"..many breeds were historically bred to fight other animals. Pit bulls are not unique in this sense..."

and perhaps most importantly:

"...”Pit bull” is NOT a breed. It's a generic term often used to describe all dogs with similar traits and characteristics known to the public as "pit bulls" most cases, we usually know little about the background of rescue dogs. Some may be gamebred APBTs (from fighting lines), some may be registered show dogs, some may be American Staffordshire Terriers, some may look like APBTs but might be mixed with other breeds, etc. There is no way to know for sure unless you have the pedigree of the dog..."

i don't mean to drag this out forever, but they need more defenders than detractors.


Rats? only good for one thing, feed the snakes ;)

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