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February 25, 2009



ew, british people are so gross- your cat is unbarably ugly. britsh people dont get laid. freak.


one stone is 14 pounds. i have learned something new today. thank you, international-measurement-equivalents-education-facilitation with chris!


no one ever taught rock goddess any manners.
i think joey is cute, but he has old man lips and no teeth. so i guess it's true what they say about the brits teeth.


I learned something new too, thanks to beamish!

My cats weigh more than that, but don't look that fat.


How can Americans insult a fat cat when your all tubby fuckers :P


oh my god cub you are a total bitch, im 5 foot 8 and i weigh 107 pounds, im not fat. i hate fat people they are lazy freaks. you stupid british loser go to hell.


Is it just me or does SOMEONE have some hate and anger issues?
Though I have read that Mono makes people go a little mental.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Oh, guys. She's just trying to get us angry...

I find is weird that every single post she has something negative to say. It's obviously an act.

That pisses me off none the less.


It was a quip meant to be taking as a funny sterotype like saying English people has big teeth. It was a come back. Get a clue. x

Amy, UK

Rockgoddess...please dont ever breed, its people llke you that give Americans a bad name across the globe...

Amy, UK x

Emily (31teen in TX)

Amy, your comment made me think of the Monty Python fish license sketch: "Look it's people like you what give unrest!"

I like this kitty but his mouth does look a bit strange. I would still take him home in a bleedin heartbeat.

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