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February 18, 2009


CCL Wendy

Kitty doesn't look too happy in this picture. Do you think it might be because of the sweater? I mean who puts a sweater on a cat???


Dante some advice from Natasha:
Plenty of time to be outside in the spring, summer and fall.
Winter is the time to stay indoors, and in bed with your dismembered arm.

Sarah aka KB

Is it me, or is that pillar top heavy with nowhere near enough mortar used between the top wider bit and the bottom?? Just a little freeze-thaw and that'll topple on the poor cat...

matt blank

Seriously. I'm about to go raid the armory and get some agent orange for the snow. The city will burn like a Vietcong camp. Wow that was horrid to think.


YEAH Dante twice in one day... You chase the winter blues away!


Aww Dante is too freakin CUTE!

Katie C.

It's hard to tell if the look of loathing is for the weather, or for the sweater.


Dante has been featured on CWC so many times he rivals Eathan in internet superstardom. Go Dante Go!


I'm with Dante. Make it stop NOW.


how do you even put a sweater on a cat?

CCL Wendy

Dear Bergles,

You must have the right kind of cat. Dante is a Maine Coon and their personalities are laidback and submissive for the most part. You also have to make sure that the sweater is large enough so that it can slip on easily. He actually cooperates quite nicely. It's even faster to take it off. He just holds still while I do it!

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