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February 24, 2009



Okay, I have to admit that it's pretty hypocritical of me - someone who says I love all animals because they're all creatures and all living, breathing things - to say I dislike rats. I do dislike them, but I don't HATE them. There's no need for meanie people to target and bully them. They're helpless vermin! Not intentionally hurting you! (Unless they bite you. Then run away.)
So I have to say that I don't pick a side. I'm not for disgusting rats, but I'm not against them. Don't call me a chicken for it. Call me a hero. ;)


Well, i hope nobody calls me a beotch or tell me to go to hell (xD) but, doesn't the poor rat feel uncomfortable or cold without it's fur? u.u poor little rat... I mean, somebody already said it's bad for their immune system... Ow.


Ahaaahh!!! grosse! that will give me nightmares for months..! that is seriously not a very cute animal... Maybe social and stuff but def. not a keeper...


you know, with hair, without hair, it's all a matter of personal preference. Some people like their rats with hair, and some like theirs waxed.


OMG IT'S ON YOUR NECK!!! Just looking at that gives me the chills and makes me feel all weird inside. Not in a good way.


As someone who had a pet rat (with hair)YEARS ago (rescued from experimentation), I can tell you they make great friends.Penelope is beautiful.




Maybe we should all try this new trend "Stitch 'n Bitch" and knit the poor little "Kojak - rat" a sweater or something else.


Yes, Chris should start and sell clothing for naked rats, so he doesn't have to look at their gross hairlessness anymore. He could make them t-shirts.


i would love to volunteer to knit/crochet tiny sweaters for four-legged cocks. sign me up!


oh my gosh you are so ugly, you will never any. i feel so bad for you. by the way, your rat is disgusting and frakly so are you. oh well, you can find other emo loser friends to feel sorry for yourself with. freaks.


rockgodess379 if u dont like people with blue hair alternitive clothes and rats how the hell can you be a "Rock Goddess" have you seen the "freaks" that play proper rock music?


Rockgoddess397, you should really learn proper grammar and spelling before you go around trying to make other people look stupid.

Jesus Christ, some people.


I hate people who talk crap about people that they don't even know. Like, seriously, you don't know anything about me besides that I have a pet rat and blue hair. And I completely agree with Rachel.

Kelsey VP

The only way I would ever get a rat is if it was Rufus from 'Kim Possible'...Maybe not even then...


ech... rats.... well. i used to have a pet rat... but hairless? sldkjaslkdj. i couldnt handle it.

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