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February 28, 2009



Zoe would NEVER do something that bad! i don't believe you, Jillian. why would you lie about such an angelic dog?


Do you see the guilty look on that little jack russell in the background there? I bet he put Zoe up to it.


Just an FYI, raisins can potentially be deadly toxic to dogs. We don't know why yet, but in some cases we see dogs go into kidney failure after eating raisins or grapes. Zoe may have dodged a bullet this time, but it would be a really good idea in the future to keep the raisins where she can't get to them.

laura from nebraksa

Oh noes. Coke addiction is never fun. For humans or for doggies.

Thank you, Mel for letting me know to not let my lab/border collie mix not eat any raisins!


One more reason why I prefer cats over dogs.


Because they bring dead or living birds and mice in your house? Or pee in corners when something is not fine?

Don't get me wrong - I love cats - but I hate the hunting!


One point for cats.

Single Kelly

Tyrone Biggums, any one?
"Is this the 5 o'clock free crack giveaway?!"


yesterday, one of my cats got into the hall closet and destroyed 2 rolls of toilet paper.

it could go either way.


Yes, raisins can be toxic for dogs, it tends to be more of a problem in older dogs, but definitley don't let zoe get any more!

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