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March 03, 2009


stevie from phoenix

That's horrible! I'm so sorry, Adrian. I had a beautiful, sweet cat sneak out of the house and get murdered by the aggressive dogs next door. It's the worst feeling & hard not to blame yourself. But don't.


How's that for gratitude? Ungrateful bitch.

Also, your cat had Christmas eyes!


red light! green light!

Natty horrible! Did you keep the dog??


... I hope someone from said SPCA sees this and takes away your animals. You irresponsible asshole.

mimi rosenpug

I hope you beat that dog to death. Rescue dogs end up in rescue because they have aggression or behavioral problems. There is a reason someone didn't want that dog in the first place. If you didn't have the satisfaction of bludgeoning it to death yourself, then you need to have your vet put it down. Don't pass that monster on to some other hapless victim.


O that's the most horrible thing ever! I would devastated! I am sooo sorry for your loss. Hang in there.


woah. These comments are getting out of hand.


Adrian, my condolences. :(

Wat, what the hell crawled up your butt?


That is so sad. My condolences.


Wow, Wat & mimi. It seems you do have cornflakes and somebody pissed in them.

Condolences, Adrian. :-(

c h r i s s y

First, I'm sorry to hear about your kitty, Adrian.

Second, Mimi - I hope you realize the idiocy in your own message. Adrian stated that the dog had been abused. Most likely by its previous owners. So yes, I'm sure they didn't want it anymore after they beat it and it turned on them. Don't be a fool. Rescue dogs are most often in rescues because their original owners failed to realize the amount of time and effort being a responsible pet owner entails. When a dog turns vicious, it's hardly ever by their own doing, and people like you promoting the idea that rescue dogs are BAD will continue to inhibit rescuers efforts to adopt good dogs out. My mother runs a dog rescue and she has saved countless dogs and while not all of the dogs brought to her have been angels, the majority were deserving of a second chance. Besides, when a dog isn't fit for a new home...they're put down HUMANELY. I really hope your post was a joke and I just missed the humor.


Condolences, Adrian. Mr. Jinx looked like a sweetie. Thank you for sharing his adorable pic here.

*Thumbs up to chrissy*
*ignores Wat and mimi*


Poor little guy.

Condolences, Adrian!


Sarah aka KB

omg that's awful. Poor Mr Jinx, poor Adrian! What will you do with the dog?


well, im sorry for your self pitty, adrian. no offence, but im the only one entitled to selfpitty for completly other reasons i shouldn't go into right now cuz it could endanger my whole mission on this plante.. 'nuff said.

anyway, i was just thinking that you my have brought this on your own.. i mean please - mr. jinx? ..old cat, new dog, snowstorm, fragile balance... don't jinx it!


awww, very sad. you know what could make it better? Lasers!


Oh Chris. You are such a sucker for dead pets. My sympathies go out to the dearly departed's family.

Arloe from Regina

This story litterally made me cry. Really, tears are running down my cheeks. Granted, I'm a little emotional this week havig just broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years.


Ohhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adrian Micheals

He... was my baby, and not to go all sappy on you guys, but I loved him very much.
But I love Dante aswell, my rescued pup. I try to laugh, so I dont get too over emotional about his death, and thanks for the condolences, guys.

But, I'm putting Dante into obedience school, and spending as much time home as a can with her. Aha ha, I'm too soft to put her down, but I'm going to make her recovery go a nicely as possible. My Dante's cuts go deeper than the skin, I'm afraid.

Thankyou Chris, and everybody else.
And yes! Christmas eyes :)
His right is blue, and the left is yellow.


Go you, Adrian. It takes that kind of dedication to help an abused rescue animal..even forgiving them for actions they don't know how to control yet. It's people like you that are an inspiration. Thanks for posting.


Let's not forget that this is what this site was intended bring recognition to even the forgotten, UN-cute, abused and unrecognized animals in shelters everywhere. Go Chris, for all his wit and sardonic humor, the 'Cute Down' is sometimes eye-opening. His compassion has been there all along with abused and forgotten animals everywhere.


I really admire you for keeping the dog. I mean, really, really admire you. If that had happened to me, there is no question in my mind that I would have taken the dog back to the shelter, because I wouldn't be able to look at it. And that isn't going to help the dog, is it?

Bless you. I'm not even religious, and bless you. Mr. Jinx looked like a wonderful, beautiful cat.

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