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March 05, 2009



That is either the best blender cat in the history of science and blender cats...or it's bullshit. You decide.


Is that him in the most left chair?

Jack Luke

My eyes are falling out their sockets with the complexity of this picture.


It's a shoop.

cave ahht

Yeah, Chris, you are slippin if you think obscured cat is gonna be passable as a blender cat.

We don't want anymore life altering frauds to ripple out in waves of horror or anything.


Hmmm, it may as well be an elephant with as far away as the cat is in the picture. Passes, yes I suppose, but that cat is REALLY tiny in that photo. Hardly counts.


hafta rake much?


If that really is a cat then this is, hands down, the best blender pet submission ever.

PS Chris I know you don't read this stuff but I need to go public and say: I love you and the site and am a long time viewer but the site has been pretty lame lately.
Maybe you need to go back to your roots?


Two pixels does not a blender pet make.


I know i know !!! on the canopy of the swing ! no? I know I know on the chair on the very right, yep that's it.... but how about that moose ?! if you're not lookin for it it's practically invisible !

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