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March 20, 2009



what a gorgious cross !u have so many can I hav just one ???


JUGS are for Juice....couldn't resist.

matt blank

The picture is cute. Melissa, learn to write. It's not cute or faster to write Ur unless you intended to refer to an ancient city of Sumer located on a former channel of the Euphrates River.


so true Matt. So very true


geez i thought i was going to be clever by commenting with Jugs are for juice. Its nice to know that im not the only fan of Pervy. I require more Pervy on the show Chris!!!

Courtney Coombs

Solo is cute, cool name too. Like Han Solo.
Pity about the name of his breed.

Melissa H.

Would Chris make a little kid cry? Yes, Melissa, yes he would.


omg chris that was me u idiot u got the wrong name and place u idiot and my name is not melissa its olivia and im from ontario u idiot am sorry but wtf ur so mean chris uhg im going to hurt u!!>:(


Melissa: Future President of the United States.

Olivia: Future Prime Minister of Canada.

Grats, future. You win.


Olivia, I highly doubt M'Lord would make such a grievous error. However, you're lack of ability to spell even the most simple words, gives evidence that the poorly written note above could very possibly be your handiwork.
In other words, suck it Olivia, because you can't spell, and I wouldn't be proud of that if I were you!


Cute pic though.


Totally agree with you Matt, but I cut her some slack because really she is only 11. Alas perhaps the critique of those on the internet will set her straight, after all, her mom can only micro-manage her so far. KATrina, in just a few weeks, Otto and Phyllis are going to be parents for the second and last time. Solo was their first litter, yup only him, hence the name Solo.
Oh, and Happy Birthday Olivia. Luv Mum.


For the fan who liked Solo's name, actually his full name is Solo Force Kin. (hint:say it outloud )


Me thinks I have found the appears some how my DD is signed in as Melissa H.

That's odd, I wonder how that happened?

Matt Blank

I don't care if the schizophrenic Olivia / Melissa is only 11. Maybe she is lying about her age too. Or the persona that is "Olivia" is really a 23 year old woman living in Columbus who runs a beauty salon. Melissa is her oppressed inner child, trying to break free.


I am not lyeing about my age u dilldoe im 11 u idiot..grr


Thx mummy. U cleared the peoples heads. Hee hee!


Matt, imagine what you want, but your post belies how much you dont care.

Olivia, always remember, arguing with someone on the internet is like coming in first place at the special olympics, you might win, but your still retarded.


HAHAHAHAHAHA thats funny and thx chris!

Matt Blank

I love the ire I've drawn from this post. *soaks it in* I've never been called a dilldoe before. Is that some sort of pickled deer?


hahaha very funny


ahhhh puppies, is there anything more smile enducing than a box of puppies.... I'm in Australia if you can fed ex me one once they're weened ;-))))

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