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March 13, 2009



I was staying in Vermont for a few weeks some years back when my friends and I decided to visit Montreal for the day. Aside from having to ride the metro (their fancy French word meaning "dirty subway") due to the popularity of the BERLIN song by the same name in the 80's, I also learned a thing or two about the animals of French-speaking Canada... They speak ENGLISH!!

I know this to be fact as when we passed cows on the road I called out, "Le Moo!... Le Moo!" and all cats were greeted with "Le Meow" and let me tell you, NONE of them understood a word!

Bunch of frauds.


Canada is only worth a visit in June, July and August. If you insist on a March / April visit, stick with Montreal or Toronto.


The east coast is awesome in these months, too... thank you very much Greencolander.

I am from New Brunswick. It is awesome here. Just plain awesome. You could spend a few days doing a driving tour of my province and get bunches of different scenery. From the highest tides in the world, to warm salt-water beaches (in the summer...) mountains, botanical gardens, you name it. We got it.

...yes I work in tourism, but that has nothing to do with it.



Toronto is the way to go. it's beginning to warm up, and there's lots of stuff to do. just visit
and use this to get around on our public transit:

hope you have fun wherever you go

Lisa in BC

BC is the best province by far. We've got Whistler and the Pacific ocean. The temperature is rarely blizzard cold (only in the interior of the province) and we don't think we're the centre of the Earth like Toronto does. We've got great shopping and there is lots of stuff to do outdoors. Hence we have a lot of animals here.


Man, everybody knows the "Halloween" side of Canada is better than the "Easter" side. Even if you are from the East coast.


I'd never been out of the US until last October when I went to upstate NY to visit dear friends. I took a couple of day visits to Ottawa. As a rule I hate cities but this one was beautiful, clean and the people were very friendly. I highly recomommend you visit and be sure to go to the govt center (capital?)area. The architechture is amazing. Go right up to the buildings and look closely, you will see many amazing details.


toronto, it has so many things to see and do. its just awesome. just go there.

Sara & Kilgour Trout

If you're going up soon, then perhaps focusing on the winter activities would make sense (as opposed to cities in winter?). The Laurentians are just north of Montreal and you can go X-C or downhill skiing in a beautiful setting of small towns, like Morin Heights. Anywhere in Quebec will have sugar shacks where you can get just boiled maple syrup on snow (it's the perfect timing). If you go later in the year, then I agree with EVan: New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are beautiful along the Bay of Fundy. Beaches would be a bit cold at this time of year, though. You'll probably freeze your kittens off either way. We're even getting snow on the west coast today.
Have fun!


I have friends on the East Coast of Canada up in Saint John, New Brunswick and I love visiting the little towns up there. There is a great historic markey in St. John where the roof is the hull of an old ship. No offense to the poeple of St. John but I wouldn't spend more than a day or half a day there. There are some nice nature preserves and parks around the area though. We took a road trip to PEI and Halifax which were both quite nice. I haven't been to Toronto but I've heard it is definitely a good destination. Have fun on your trip!

little fish

As someone who moved to New Brunswick I say come and drive around the east coast for a few days. It's really beautiful, cold but not as cold as it was a few months ago and hey you need to experience that once in your life. PEI is not really all that exciting unless you like Anne of Green gables, Japanese tourists and red sand...none of the cities will take you more than a few days to see. Best part is on your way here you will go through Maine which is an exciting adventure in its self (look for trailers!). Ottawa is also nice, so is Monreal and Quebec City, Toronto is a big ugly city only really good if you want to shop...


Not sure if by "east" you mean the coast, or the area directly north of MA. If you mean what's closest, as a native of Ottawa I think it's an awesome city to visit, for the reasons mentioned above; also the Gatineau Park (a nearby conservation park with hiking/skiing trails) is beautiful in spring. Montreal is pretty cool too.

If you're thinking of the Maritimes provinces, Halifax, Nova Scotia is a cool city; small coastal towns like Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg are worth a visit too.


Haha, yah come to Ottawa. You know you wannnaaa. Obviously you must go to the Byward Market and sample the Beaver Tails (they really are good - cinnamon, sugar, and fried fatty goodness!). And there's Parliament and the Canal (not so pretty at this time of the year, but still). There's also lots of schwarma and pho. I know Toronto supposedly has lots of good food to offer, but that's what Ottawa has...

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