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March 01, 2009



Let's be friends.


Libby, Savannah;
I like both your rats. Whoo~


Savannah is correct that rats don't spread the plague directly. They are a reservoir species and can carry the plague bacteria, which fleas then pick up from the rats and spread to humans. In the western US, though, other rodents like ground squirrels are more likely to be reservoir species. Pet rats are pretty safe in that respect, whether they have hair or not, because they usually don't go sharing fleas with wild rats.


I think most people are pretty clear that your rat isn't going to spread the plague- it's just an association thing.

I'm so tired of the rat wars. "Cute" is obviously a subjective thing. Some people think rats are cute, others don't.


It's actually not stupid that a child would lick their fake tattoo, considering it's part of the directions in order to wear it

Single Kelly

Excellent point. It's the fleas, so you need not worry about the plague.
Let's throw out a list of other things you might need to worry about:

Kittie in TEXAS

lol, thanks for adding the tattoo bit! Now I know where to look on ebay.


I agree with Princess Bubblegum -- I didn't like the tattoo either. It looked like an abscess.


Seriously, It's their urine and feces that causes disease. Still the freaking nastiest pet you could possibly get.


I have a feeling the temp tattoo is not harmful to rats. They probably tested them on rats to make sure they wouldn't harm people.

Amanda from Normal IL

LOL Micheal!! That's so true.

And I also am getting sick of the rat wars. Who cares if they are cute or not? These teenage girls are way too hormonal.

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