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March 12, 2009


Single Kelly

Haha. That picture is amazing. Ninja cat!


that looks more like a thrown ninja
the steps and a hidden area r a give away thats not cute with chris


Is that shot for real??!
That is the funniest/best shot I have seen on CWC yet ...
good god ... positively amazing!!


the chick is hotttttttttttt


that cat gave me a severe case of the giggles!



Maha!!! That is awesome! Your cat looks like my Howard also so that makes it that much better. Mahahahahahahaha


Maha! I'm so happy you made it on CWC! I watch your Youtube videos :D (and have seen your previous admitted love for this site xD) They're hilarious!

Your cat is so funny hahahaha NINJA!


Oh PS, Maha's the reason I watch CWC, so Chris, you should be seriously indebted to her for getting you such an amazing, awesome, hilariously funny cult member such as me. :)


I am trying to leave this computer ...
but, I keep coming back to look at the flying feline ninja ...
... must stop work ...
but, must look at the tabby with the super powers just one more time ...


Thank you Chris!!!!! This is a real picture for those asking ! My father took a video of her jumping and this was the screen capture!! : D

She is insane!! I love YOU CHRIS! and thank you for those commenting on my youtube site! It got shut down due to me using a song : ( BUT I'm still up and running on talenttove.

I miss youtube : (

Sarah (suki's mom)

LOOOL. I can't stop laughing xD

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