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March 01, 2009



look at the sweet moose butt!


Single Kelly

That is spectacularly fake. And sexy.

Marthe, Norway

Is Chelsea the girl who made the deer at the bed with photoshop?

A Person

I like the photoshop.
Makes it pretty.


wouldn't it be weird if cats and dogs got this big?

Sarah aka KB

Interesting Capitalisation throughout Erin's friend's Email...


Has no one heard of Snopes?


don't know if i believe this one or not.. theirs a lot of stuff out their on using moose for pulling stuff... Still working on finding photoshop elements to point out.

The only thing i'll say for now is the jaw of a moose is similar to that of a horses, and thrust putting a bit into one's mouth(as seen above) is possible.

(crappy drawing but pretty accurate where the teeth are)


you can see it's nearly the same in the mouth.

The only thing i could question about this is:

How did they put the bridal on.

other than that, everything else looks like you could;d put it on, but the antlers vs the design of the headstall doesn't seem to add up.


"Has no one heard of Snopes?"

I think we have. and that's why it's funny.

Anyways, this person who created this moose photo is obviously superior at Photoshop than Chelsea. I bet Chelsea's just too ashamed by her photoshop skills to come out and show us more pictures of her pet deer.

or not.


homagetogorto proves that once again, the internet is a lie.


This is so poorly done it almost qualifies as a photoshop disaster...


geeze, i'm such a sucker. but then, i don't have photoshop.


I'm so confused...I don't know what or whom to believe this real life??? AAAGGGHH!

Erin from Wisconsin

Along with all of you, I'm also fairly sure this is fake, but it amused me which is why I decided to share.

In response to the "how do you get the bridal on?" question. It would actually probably be fairly simple. All he would have to do is buckle/unbuckle one side like you do for a halter and flip the strap over the animal's neck. Though having the browband that you can sorta see going in front of the antlers would be a bit impractical.


Ok this may seem like a dumb question since it's obvoiusly fake due to the content, but, how can one tell that it is fake otherwise?


No waaaayy. Chris, knock it off.


Sarah aka KB,

I thought all of the extra cap letters might be a secret code so I wrote them all down.

THOGSHSA = all the caps
HOSS = only the extra caps

I can't seem to crack it. Erin's friend is obviously a professional.

Sarah aka KB

I think you might be right Alicia, there must be a secret message in there! I'll crack it if it kills me!


Mystery solved - I like this website - it speaks masterfully to digital encryption of photograph origins and points out things that my brain overlooked...such as the woodpiles being mirror images of each other. Hmmmm.


Seeing a moose all tied up like that is saddening, yes I know it's fake. They just aren't into people. A random one would never come up to you, like a bear cub, let alone allow itself to be tied up.


Does this awesome noose have a name? Because if it doesn't, I propose naming it "AWESOME." Just like that, all caps.


Woops, I meant to ask if this "moose" has a name, not this "noose." Let this be a lesson to you kids to always preview before you post.


Lookit the rack on that one!


Please note the category Chris put this in: viewer photo mashups. M'Lord knows its fake and wants you to know too. So rejoice and stop arguing!


ok this could be fake, but i have seen an actual photo of an entire team of moose, hooked up to a cart thinger, in my town's museum. As the story goes they were trained by Russian immigrents*(sp) who escaped being killed by the Cossacks. again it's just the story in my town, but i'm pretty darn sure that a 100 year old photo was not altered by photoshop.

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