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March 22, 2009



I have an iphone. Sometimes my lens gets smudgy. If you actually clean the lens it often takes better pictures. But I agree that the iphone is not a high quality camera.


I think the blurriness would have definitely transcended the cuteness in this photo (crappy iPhone cameras!), but the cuteness totally ends up winning because of your hilarious e-mail about her waiting for her cocktail. Well done, Laura. High quality indeed.


Tiki is a gorgeous girl.


Wow... I think my half-broken SE slider phone takes better photos... doesn't surprise me...

We have similar cats though... 'my' Cobweb (stayed with Ma when I fledged) looks a lot like Tiki... and also enjoys a good cocktail.


Go get the app called Darkroom...the slight blur of iphone photos is usually caused because it's got a slow shutter, and your hand moves slightly as the pic is taken...with Darkroom, it waits until your hand is steady to take the's gotten my percentage of usable pics from my iphone up a good deal.

There's actually two versions...a free and a premium one...I use the free one, don't know what else the premium one does compared to the free one :)


Points for cuteness and good composition (rule of thirds and all that rot) - we have seen WAY blurrier than that


I downloaded the Darkroom app and it's great. Much less captured movement. Thanks for the tip!

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