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March 09, 2009



I don't know about "willing", but I know a few people who may be "forced" into it. You know.


I'll get on that. I didn't realize you were so deeply invested in this..


Yeah, I thought those posts were fairly funny. I'm not sure if I'm the best candidate since I'm still only seventeen, but maybe I'll change my mind.


....I should try to force my boyfriend to do that. He's cute now, but he was a beautiful little boy.


Maybe you should start a gender war with How Did She Turn Out, frankly I'm disappointed in YOU for not thinking of this yourself


It has been since February 22 since you posted a show! I am boycotting your site until you do another show. I am old and I only live for your shows. It didn't help that you did not post the picture of my dog that I sent you I can live with that but it is high time for a SHOW


We're sorry Chris, it's won't happen again. Manly apologies milord.


im only 17,
so... not a huge dramatic gap but ill see what i can do for ya.


You know what disappoints me? Two weeks straight without a video and no explanation as to why. You cut me deep, my Lord...

Amanda from Normal

ROFL Jay!!! It's true!


I would have my hubby contribute to this, but almost all of his baby and childhood photos were destroyed when his basement flooded. :( We only have a few left, mostly from high school.


I was thinking I could get my boyfriend's pictures and thereby force him into this, but then I realized that the only baby photos of him are across the country with his mother. *sigh. Guess next time we visit I'll have to steal away a childhood photo... or maybe just ask for one. It really doesn't seem right to steal baby photos from baby's mom. >.> heh.


What is the most popular category?

Sad and cuteless

Huh, weird. I thought yesterday was Monday, but when I opened my favorite web page: there wasn't a new episode! Am I the only one comfuzzled by the date? We're teenagers Mr. Leavins, give us the cute!


I shall send some photos this weekend, assuming I have enough of me in my house as a child. My mom won't be able to figure out how to scan the ones she has.

Ms Amanda

They are on their way. In fact, they should be in your inbox.


You asked for it, Chris...

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