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March 26, 2009



Oliver...Julie loves you like crazy. And she feels like she is losing you to the beer and she wants to fight to get you back. This is just her inviting you to join the fight...


My cheesy-poofs!!


I just found out that a local special ed school teacher starved her two cats TO DEATH by ignoring them. I live in South Florida, and the article can be found by clicking on my name below (i will place a link).
We are trying to get people to email the Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum, at to ask him to use this case to send a message that this kind of cruelty (it is supposed to be an excruciating death and they even tore apart the ceiling trying to get out of her apartment and find food). So far, this is barely punishable! That is what needs to stop! SHE WAS NOT EVEN ARRESTED!
She could have sent them to a shelter, even had them put down in a humane way. But her busy social life? She just left her cats to their own devices. By the time they were found, they had been starved to death. No water, no food.

Please take a moment and send a message.
The voices of many might be heard. Laws need to be tougher to speak for those who can't speak for themselves.

Thank you for your help.


Oliver, will you get help today?


Let me tell you, I can relate...

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