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March 30, 2009



I love you M'Lord but I miss your videos so much... Take off your shirt and you'll be forgiven :D


Maybe it's the same kind of irony that made it impossible for Martha Stewart to cook for her family once her catering business took off... because of this "little" project CWC, Chris is hopefully getting more paying work! Just don't forget us when you are totally famous!


I still love you, Chris, no matter where your career takes you!!



AHHHH, my life is a black abyss.


So, so, sooo glad the stimulus package has made its way to the #1 purveyor of cute animals, ccl, and desperate-to-be-exploited-and/or-objectified teens.


It looks like you're in Fairmont hotel in Winnipeg...


In fact, I know you're at the Fairmont because I can see my office right over your shoulder! What are you doing in Winnipeg?


Chris people are pissed because they adore you. Any negative comment is just proof of how much you have done right to create such a following. I look forward to cheering you on for whatever you do. Remember, your fans are like lovers... some are more needy/crazy than others. Most of us know you need your space to grow and become something better.


No,... Calgary. And HEY IT's Still snowing.
Well at least my computer is working,
but it's still early, maybe the computer virus will hit later.........while I'm bidding on eBay........
I really wish spring was here already.
Chris I hope you are someplace warm and toasty.



What a lame excuse, Chris...

You could make up something better that THAT!




Fine, I'll live another week. Just keep posting pics.

<3 Jess in Kitchener


If you do strip down and become a shirtless chris, you better have a kitten tattooed on your chest, or a pirate ship...


Glad to know all is well.
I don't get to the official site often so I wasn't sure why no new "episodes" in so long.

Hopefully we'll get to see something of the fruits of your travels? Perhaps you've been on a movie shoot or pilot season has been good for you?

In any case, looking forward to your next new segment when you're able to put one together. Hope your new assistant isn't languishing without you.


It seems the least Chris could do would be something special for his fans....hmmmmmm....what could that be?

Mallory =^_^=

I miss your face!


It is Winnipeg...I can see the M on the MTS building.
I demand to know why I wasn't notified of your arrival.


Hey Chris-
hope you're traveling safely and well :) I don't come around this site very often anymore because the Chris in Cute with Chris doesn't seem to be around all that much anymore. Almost like you may be a victim of your own success...admit it - you're sick of this shtick aren't you? I don't blame you.'ve made another excuse this week too. You're sick of it, you don't know what to do, do you? I hope you figure it out soon. Cheers!

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