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March 13, 2009


Single Kelly

Love the title, but does that cat have a leash on?


Windswept Dante... are you having a bad hair day?
They call the wind Mariah... I LOVE IT!!!


I was going to ask if anyone else got the Mariah reference but I suppose so...

Guess I am not the only brilliant one on this site...

CCL Wendy

Of course that's a leash! How else was I supposed to keep him from being blown away?

Nurse Ratchet

One cat on a leash is worth two on the road.

CCL Wendy

Where's Lesley? I want a furry purry comment!

Ms Amanda

Lesley hasn't checked in yet?? Furry purry antennae must need tuning.

Also, that is one beautiful cat.


i was working hard all day.... but i still loves me some orange furry purry things!

CCL Wendy

Thank you Leslie -- sorry for misspelling your name.


Man, I love this site.


lol wind swept model cat puurrr.

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