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March 23, 2009



No video. Again.


Come on, man. I was laid off of my job, what the hell else do I have to do at night while my kids are in bed? My weekly dose has been taken away.... DT's, man. DT's


Link is down. Merde.

Jonesin for another week

I'm VERY disappointed with Chris...
Getting a Monday video is now the exception rather than the rule-
Without that Monday video to look forward to,
there's not much reason to come here anymore.
I log on to CWC for a chance to view, and hear our "Lord" disseminate "his" tainted words of wisdom- I can see gay guys anytime I want at the local gay bar- and I hate cats!
3 demerits for M'Lord (your not helping my seasonal depression disorder any)!


Chris, we love you. We also love whining. Sometimes these things are not counter exclusive. I appreciate all your hard work and am looking forward to this new project, whenever it come out. Thanks for everything.


aww. Laura, that's adowable. yeah, I said that.

I agree. I can wait for Chris to bring the goods. But, gay men with cats don't help me. Nor do straight ones with tats. But that's a different issue altogether...


I agree with Laura. I also think that when you're a fan of someone, you don't want to deny them their creative growth. In fact, you want to support it, no matter the costs to you.

So I, for one, am happy to have fewer episodes if it means that Chris is channeling his energies into something new that he finds rewarding. If he likes it, I have no doubt it will be awesome.

My support for Chris (or my cult member status) is not conditional on x number of episodes per month. I am grateful for all the hard work and energy he puts into this site, his show, receiving all the pictures, and getting tons of e-mails from teenagers, crazy cat ladies, and hairy gay bears. Don't get me wrong... I am happy for a new episode when it comes, but I also look forward to whatever is ahead.


Get out of his cult, bitches!!


... i feel lame doing this but i am a HARDCORE chris fan, even though he doesn't know it, and I just met him today, by surprise, and I have to say this "project" with chris in it is going to be really cool, and he really blew my mind today. i'm hoping to work up the courage to say i'm a CWC fan but i'm toooooo fucking freeeeaked out. (signed MB girl). (ya feelin' me?)


Oooh, it's something we get to see/enjoy!?! That makes me happy. Anon, I'm uber-curious, but I'm guessing you won't be giving up the details.

Ali (not a teenage girl)

agrees with beesley, im RLY curious at to what the project is AND who the anon person is


lol the clip was FUNNY :)


Me saw him at Subway Subs at Portage and Main, He had a hat on but I steel recognized him. Yes that meens he's in Winnipeg Manitoba CANADA. I said " Are you cut with chris and he said " Not at the moment and I said ALL YOUR DREAMS ARE DEAD and he laughed yeah i got him. He looks kinda old and stressed out. wearing a big winter jacket, and also laughed a lot with a musthache. he sID i am a goth but NO a pierced lip is not make me a GOTH. fuck that was weird. kay thnx bye.


Where's my fucking episode bitch, I hate you.

peanut287 on who's cutest? n the project wouldn't have nipples by chance would it? i could be happy with one =P


she's a talker.


Yay gay men and their cats!


stfu and get out of our cult...


Damn that clip was WEIRD! And I adore gay men....AND cats! erm and gay cats.


Uuh. I hope that one gay guy was wearing shorts and the cat was coving them, or else he's not wearing pants.


If the new project is more human beat-boxin and foot-choppin, w00t!
And he's taking a vacation. In ridiculous Saskatchewan weather. >_>
I'll stick to my west coast! :D


Chris don't worry about it. You post on the website regularly so we all know you're still alive. I'll be still a cult member even if you only post a video a year. I'm really curious to see what this project is though :)

...And after a while a thought they were saying "Cheesy taco" o_O

Mallory =^_^=

Even though I obviously missed the joke on why "she's a talker" is so funny I still enjoy the pictures and stories that are posted. It's what I come here for. Yes I miss the videos but am excited to see this new project. It's not all about the videos. It's about cute with Chris and we still have that.


it just..
loses meaning..
after the 62nd time..


After watching the "She's a talker" video this morning... my 2 year old grandson was over and he proceeds to pick up the cats' grooming comb and start grooming our Tommy-cat. Now I'm wondering how he will turn out-


At some point the words started slurring together...... oh god.


Watched clip without sound. NICE!


I got through most of it...

Ow. My hair hurts.

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