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March 30, 2009



I would move to St. Antonio just for Tilly, I love those dogs, she's so cute!




Oh my goodness! How did you get her to stare at the camera!? She is just adorable and looks very confident. Have fun with the dog and did you know there are no sidewalks in San Antonio! Whats the deal with that...crazy people.


What are you talking about? There are sidewalks in San Antonio....


No, he's right. My name's Andrea and I submitted this photo. Where I'm from originally (Southern Cali) you can't go ANYWHERE without seeing sidewalks. But now that I'm here in San Antonio (the NW part) there's hardly ANY sidewalks. You only see them in neighborhoods and on very few main roads. It's because a lot of the roads around here are "farm roads" and the area isn't built out enough to absolutely have to have they don't. And also, the street lights are totally vintage. I can't believe they hang from wires. Seriously now...


I'm FROM San Antonio. There are sidewalks. They are all over downtown, they are all over the northwest side, they are everywhere. I have lived there for 14 years, your claim is ridiculous.

Also...UTSA? Um, that was hard to do...


Quincy, downtown is nowhere near NW San Antonio. Also, feel free to take a trip to Southern California - then you'll see difference. No reason to get so defensive. :)

And what do you care about UTSA. You obviously don't go there, so don't hate. Everyone's got the right to go where they choose.


I disagree and somewhat suprised at how many people from San Antonio are here...
anyway I go to NVC so not that far from UTSA and there are sidewalks and hey UTSA is a good school I plan on transferring there.... one day....


Such a cute puppy :-)


Apparently people FROM San Antonio THINK that they have sidewalks everywhere but you don't. Get out of hicktown and go to a real state like New York and you'll see what sidewalks EVERYWHERE really means. And yes I've been to SA on many trips and don't care if you've lived there for 50 years, let alone 14. You have hanging lights, no sidewalks, and longhorns *thumbs up* good for you!


Oh and I like your dog Andrea. Very well behaved apparently.


Robert, you are quite possibly my new best friend. Thank you for agreeing with me. Don't know where you're from, but you mentioned NY and I'm from CA - the only states that matter baby! ;)


I didn't say there are sidewalks EVERYWHERE... wait why am I arguing about sidewalks on a site about puppies and kittens... Oh yeah theres NOTHING to do in San Antonio anyways I'm gonna go milk a cow now because I live in a hicktown.


fritobandita, I think Robert and I were replying to that asshole Quincy. You actually seemed normal.



I too am from CowAntonio! I'm no expert on the sidewalk prevalence in California, but I think the reason people are acting incredulous is because it seemed like you were agreeing with Pugget's bizarre statement that there are NO sidewalks in our hick cowtown. That's just...a weird thing to say. I've lived in San Antonimoo for a while and can't say that I can think of a part that is completely devoid of sidewalks!

Anyway, it's all silly. And for what it's worth, I think UTSA gets an undeserved bad rep. There are a lot of quality programs there. Congrats. :-)


Thanks for the UTSA support Daner. I know nothing about the school except that they offer my major and apparently I live in this longhorn town now, so I have to go to school there.

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