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March 04, 2009



i'd much like to comment on the naked barbies... well, done. (pat myself on the shoulder - guess i can go back to rollin' me a ..uhm, zigarette)


The stuffed Garfield is the only thing worth keeping. The rest are just old things that you forgot about once, and can forget about again. However, might I suggest burning the Hello Kitty stuffed animals? They do nothing but show as to how long Hello Kitty has been plaguing the homes of children for years.


The naked barbies are an obvious metaphor for your barren childhood.


I would also like to add that the Jesus bear is redunkulous.


I think you may have some man-hatred issues there, T... allow me to psycho-analyze you based on the two or three facts I know. that's enough right? All the Barbie dolls are naked but intact, while the only Ken is not only naked but missing a leg and also his head. What with the divorce I can't help but wonder if there are some issues that beg to be dealt with? hmm?


Thank you all for your comments, and Thank you to Chris for posting my fun personal life dramas on the interwebs. It makes me smile that you gave me a nickname "T", it's like we've known each other forever ;)

But yeah, I dunno why the Barbies are all naked. I'd dress them up & lose their clothes, don't ask. & the Hello Kitty dolls I actually got from McD's when I was 16 lolz. Good times


...and i thought i was a pack rat. <3 u!

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