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March 04, 2009



cat clevage!
you can see the hate for the world in this poor cats infected ganky eye. bless.


Wow. Rocky is ugly. He's so ugly that if you look at him for a while, he becomes cute. Either that or I am put under a spell to think so. Why how come does he look like this?


and I like his moobs (coobs)?


Gotta love a geezer kitty with moobs.


Oh! I just love him. He looks so much like my little old man did when we got him shaved. And I miss him so much that I just want to go find this poor, grizzled old thing and give him tons of love.


Wow, this cat is cute, but it looks like it has a whole swarm of diseases. I think I have AIDS just looking at these pictures.


Awww... the poor little guy looks ancient. Is he almost blind? His eyes look so milky and weeping that I wouldn't be surprised if he couldn't see much of anything (and he has such short whiskers to help). Maybe you were in his regular spot?


What is wrong with this cat???

Lol at the dream...good build-up.

Single Kelly

He...uh...has a great personality.


That is the saddest looking devon I've ever seen, and mine is missing an eye, has straight fur, and has brain damage.


he's so ugly I want one!


He looks so grumpy. And clearly has some disabilities.


I feel like the pic of this cat should be accompanied by theme music like the kind that is in Psycho.


As I was scrolling through the site and as I glanced at this picture and yelped a little in fear my glasses cracked, my dog put his tail between his legs and hid, the ground trembled and I heard the sound of Satan laughing and my fiance started speaking in tongues. So yeah, cute kittyspawn you have there.


I thought this was the ugliest cat in the world until I saw this news story:

Woah. That cat makes Kitteh McSatanspawn here look almost normal.


"..... ......"



Oh he's so sweet ! Poor thing.


Just one more reason after the rats/penises that I gotta stop looking at cwc before bed. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek, the nightmares!!


CCL Carm: What's wrong with this cat??


i never laugh this long. still laughing....


get a kitty training bra for her.

And get the eye looked at.

And love it lots, cause it is cute.

Ryan Allen

hey guys,

I'm Ryan from saskatoon, the owner of the cat, he is actully 2 years old and is a Devon Rex. i actully saved him from being put down, because he has a sinus infection he got at the kennel. Yes he is going slightly blind in one eye. but after all of this may i say that he is the best cuddler in the world, and loves attention.

thanks for the sapport in the fan club!



Janet P.

I understand no one wants their pets to die,but don't you think this is lack of care to the poor thing? Its obviously suffering and has suffered in the past by fleas eating him alive. Sorry but this sickens me. Please take this cat to the vet....least if he has to be put down, he won't suffer anymore!

Janet P.

oh after reading Ryans comment I feel embarrassed for what I said. Well just take good care of the poor kitty.



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