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March 01, 2009


c h r i s s y

My friend lives in Stone Mountain and he is currently out of power because of ice/wind/snow. I'm from Ohio...and I say, WELCOME TO MY WORLD. Snow in Georgia, though. Impressive.


I'm in South Carolina and we got this snow as well. It was falling pretty heavy for majority of the evening and into the night. People wrecked everywhere because they don't know how to drive in it! I'm originally from Wisconsin so I just laugh at how people handle it here. I'm glad for no classes today though! :D


the snow in ATL yesterday made me haz a happy! i couldn't believe it went on for most of the day... seeing midtown all quiet and white was a present in and of itself. :))


What is FML? I need to knowz what the squirrelz are saying!

Single Kelly

Visit for a definition and examples of FML.


Yep, I'm here in upstate SC...and 3 days later the snow still hasn't completely melted. Our classes got delayed today (canceled yesterday), so let's hope my drive to class is safe with all these crazy southerners out driving in the ice!

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