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March 08, 2009



Hey, I'm from Maine and I get it... Tim Horton's is slowly migrating south...


Did the pooch win anything??


I won a free coffee last year, but I started unrolling the rim the wrong way because I'm not a real Canadian. I looked kind of like this dog. My Canadian friends had to show me the trick.


HEY--there's Tim Hortons in Ohio too. Don't think you're extra-special for being Canadian.


We worship Tim Hortons in Buffalo, waiting eagerly each spring for the self-esteem boosting "Roll Up the Rim to Win" contest.
Even better than winning free coffee, donuts, TV's, and cars is that reassuring phrase "Please play again!"


Yup, there is are Tim Hortons in Michigan as well... Sheesh Chris..


Chris can't be blamed for thinking Timmies is uniquely Canadian. a) they probably haven't made their way to LA yet and b) the last Roll Up the Rim commercial I saw involved an American who wasn't familiar with Timmies.


Looks like he got a 'play again'... cos he sure it gnawing the crap out of the cup in frustration.


Forgive poor Chris; he clearly didn't know. There used to only be 1 Timmy's in the US: in Fort Lauderdale. Apparently the Snowbirds (Canadian retirees) HAD to have one. Slowly its morphed into a Border States thing too.

Dear Chris: you gotta get out of your SoCal cocoon and visit Canada and the Border states more regularly!


Dude, I knew that Tim Hortons had migrated to Michigan, but not every other place that people are mentioning. But guys, you can't blame Chris (and the rest of us) for not knowing that Tim Hortons was no longer Canadian-only.... I mean, have ANY Canadian restaurant/coffee chains gained a foothold in the States? (and yeah, Carolyn, it's Canadian... hence why we think we're special ;)) It's usually the other way around---we have Starbucks, but you don't have Second Cup (?) :), etc.

Awesome pics!


I'm not Canadian, but I can see Canada from Buffalo... does that count?

We have Tim Horton's on every single corner. About every other month a new one is popping up to meet the demands! We call it black crack!


Fuck it I'm not Canadian but I did spend about 5 hours in Canada once when I was about 22. I bought some stuff while I was there, so I thought that might have earned me the guest rights to view this TOP SECRET post. I may not get the black crack references, but we do have 7-11's here in the US so it's not all that far-fetched that people from other countries other than Canada might (and I stress might) be bright enough to at least appreciate the secret post if you all were willing to share. But I geuss we're just not good enough for you Canadians, are we?
This is the kind of hatred that starts wars.


Paul 55 teen

There is a Tim Horton's across from a Tim Horton's in Ft. Erie. But we do have them everywhere here in Buffalo


Just because you Americans have Tim Hortons doesn't mean that you experience Tim Hortons in the same way that Canadians do. In Canada, especially in small towns, Timmies is a WAY OF LIFE. There is a tims next door to my workplace and the cars lining up for drivethrough on the main street in our town would be a serious traffic problem, if people were trying to drive down main street - which they aren't because they are only on main street to get in line for tims.

That being said, I hate Tim Hortons coffee.

Ashlee Perry

I'm from England and i didn't get it. But after seeing the comments i think i have got it...


You're right, I didn't get it until I read the comments. Honestly I think that dog should have been wearing a "bunny hug" to make the whole picture complete.


lol I'm from Northern California (nor cal is very different from so cal) and i got it but then again a lot of my family lives in Vermont and that's how I discovered it. Vermont is the Irsh Canada State


Yeah, I'm from Michigan and live 20 minutes from the Detroit/Windsor border. I have ventured over to Canada many times throughout my life, starting with camping at The Pinery, then going every weekend to drink when I was 19. I used to see these Tim Hortons places and wondered what was up with them being EVERYWHERE in Canada. That is until they infiltrated the states, and now they are all over the place in Southeast Michigan. I hate the coffee as well, but the drive thru sure is handy, and its 24 hours!


Chris is right again.

It totally wooshed me...


lol YAAAY timmies!! :) lol half my freinds work at a timmies. we love coffee too much. i still wanna see a post with a little puppy eating some timbits, that would be soooooo cute :D


Tims is tasty.

You can get it in Afghanistan too.


omg thank you so much for posting this chris i am unbelievable happy, its a dream come true, by the way, no he didnt win anything :(

-Phil, Ontario

Joy M

I'm from the Western NY area where we love hockey & are addicted to Tim's "Crack in a Cup" and his delicious "dead man's doghnuts". Poor dog....we could have told him that the most you can win from the "Rrrroll Up the Rrrrrim to Win" game is a free muffin or a "cup o' crack"! Thanks for the pic :)


rrrrrrroll up the riiiiiiiim
god i love those
i never win anything bigger than a free coffee here and there
but hey, it's all in the excitement


The nearest Timmy's from where I grew up is 2 hours, and I don't drink coffee, so I get to sit back and laugh at all those who obsess over r.u.t.r, because you do, and you know it.

Hell there is a Tim Horton's inside the store I work in, one across the street, one in the grocery store behind my place of business and 1 in the gas station a block away.

People are serious about their Timmy's.

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