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March 11, 2009



Awesome Martha. Awesome.


very nice job!


With the price of Fancy Feast- that is a small fortune! I think you should send this link to the company and see if they won't send you some free food or money-saving coupons. Being an OCTO-Kittymom I have become very resourceful!

Single Kelly

Your cats eat an enormous amount of food. How many times a day do you feed them, since you can't feed kibbles?


That is such a great picture! Good job getting them to pose for you :)


My cat eats MAYBE a can of food a day (Fancy Feast sized) and then if she eats it all she gets kibble. That looks like an INSANE amount of food. Wow. I'd need a loan to afford to feed my pets that much :)


these cats must have the fastest metabolisms in the cat universe, because they don't look morbidly obese.

I do wonder though, why do they not love being close to each other these days? Was there kitty drama?


One week?? You're telling me your feed them 7 cans of food everyday?


You feed each of your cats about 3 times what my cat eats in a week.

Do you throw away any of what you put down for them?

My grandmother throws away half of what she tries to feed her cat.


In defense of Fenster and Co:

Besides the Menzel reflection-on-consumption question going on here [how much do cats really eat? that's a lot of Fancy Feast! kitty catfights!] we're neglecting the central issues of importance:

- cute? check.
- cheerfully, culturally ironic? double-check.


Yay, Chris, thanks for posting these. All Bella's and Fenster's dreams are alive.

Maybe this will inspire other cult members to send pictures of "This Week in Food" with their pet(s). It could be a whole new series. I'd love to see Carm's "This Week in Food" portrait. Start measuring and keeping track!

To answer questions: Yes, it's a lot of food. Yes, it's pricey. I just feed them when their food runs out. I do throw out food when it is ignored too long or gets crusty, but I don't end up throwing away that much. I don't feed them anything but wet food (no dry food at all). These brands of FF are low-carb and gluten-free.

Fenster (on the right) used to be obese (back when he was eating dry food). But then he got diabetes, which does wonders for feline weight loss (and for his appetite as well).


Oh, and as for kitty drama, they go in and out of phases of mutual adoration, playfulness, barely tolerating each other, hissing, and then back to peaceful coexistence. Not sure why... they're just fickle, I guess.

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