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March 30, 2009



Does that apply to Asian gay bears, too? I hope you all drive slowly when in a gay zone.


k, what do the blue bears do? CPR? i'm lost

Garrett Oliver

Hey, Sis, I'm well on my way to being a bear myself...(for visual reference see How Did He Turn Out, Garrett)So let's take it easy on my future boyfriends!

Ms Amanda

Ha! I do what I can.......


What I want to know is why Yosemite is letting the bears behind the wheel in the first place? Don't the rangers realize that bears don't have thumbs? I mean, come on!


Thank God you posted this because I am in the Appalachian Mountains for our spring break! I was a bit worried about bears until now...


We were in Yosemite last summer to do Half Dome and the signs represent where a bear was killed by a car. It's very sad. The saying is "Red Bear, Dead Bear" meaning where you see the sign a bear was killed.

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