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March 22, 2009



I loves me some orange furry purry things.


I have to say that is a first for me (seeing a man with a cat tat), but maybe because he also lives in the middle of buttfuck nowhere he didn't realize there are actually other types of tattoos??

But, hey! One for the kitties!!


I notice that "cats" is capitalized on his arm. So maybe the tattoo refers to Cats, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?


I couldn't resist commenting a) because I love orange tabbies and that tattoo is hilarious; and b) I squealed when I saw that they are from Thunder Bay, too!!


maybe the tatt says "i love Catherine"
or "Catalogs" or "Catching" or....


I thought the same thing, maybe it's "I love Cate" as in Blanchett or something (stalker!)... Or it was done by a friend at home and he didn't know the correct spelling of "Ketchup".

Hey, some people love ketchup!! It could happen!! Especially in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, Ketchup might be your only chance at a prom date, too! ...Dinner partner... Parcheesi team mate... Flying kites together (insert "Courtship of Eddie's Father" theme song "People, let me tell you 'bout my best friend" here)....


Dammit if that song isn't stuck in my head, now, and I am actually visualizng this guy flying a kite, while laughing and talking to the bottle of ketchup sitting on the ground next to him...

Now they are out at a diner...

Sitting up together in the bed under the covers, up against the pillows as boyfriend laughs and points to the TV during David Letterman ... Good times. Yes, good times.

Oh, my. I really, REALLY need a job.


If he really has an I <3 Cats tattoo.... you keep that man. You will never find an more awesome guy, IMHO.


I'm not sure, but I would think there's the remotest possibility that when he's not being yer bf, yer bf is a bit... gay. There, I said it. Out in the open now, so to speak. Gay as a three dollar bill. Because no man with the right proper amount of straightness running through his blood would ever in a million and a half years put a 'I+heart+anything' on his arm, let alone an 'I heart CATS!' Eegads! Now I'm scared for Thunder Bay, particularly since you've used the descriptor 'buttfuck' nowhere. Hmmmm. RUN! RUN FAST! DON'T LOOK BACK!


janna has a bit of a thing for gingers.


lol hey thunder bay!!! visited there a while back, theres like nothing good up there. very boring. but that little pic gives me hope for the future :D i - dont really now how, it just - will. YAY THUNDER BAY!!!

Arloe from Regina

I would soooo date a guy with an "I <3 cats" tattoo. And really, to be fair, Thunder Bay isn't REALLY in buttfuck nowhere - its actually a fairly big city - not a small town or anything. There are good things there too such as the Sleeping Giant, the Terry Fox Monument and Kakabecca Falls just to name a few interesting attractions. Visit Moonbeam, Manitoba or North Battleford, Saskatchewan and then tell me where buttfuck nowhere is....

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