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March 24, 2009



"And not only 17 yr old goth girls own rats"

Because 23 yr old emo girls love them too.


Oh look- she has a hairy Phallus on her head,
how normal?!


Oh god, Angelina just HAD to start up the rat war again..

I am, like Chris seems, am over it.


I don't mind the rat, but the pink hair? Come on...


YAY I'm not a jerk-off 'cause I like phalluses or is it phalussi? WAIT PHALLI (thank you spell check)


Rats are but one battalion in Satan's secret army......


Ummmmmm... Isn't Chris the "total jerk-off" that started the phallus wars? Not that he isn't correct and all, but credit where credit is due - we are merely loyal cult members, he is the chosen one.


... Huh.
I don't know what I'm staring at more.
The fact her hair is a pink fail.
Or the fact she has a rat on her head.


Ok, so i hate rats, they're gross. Sorry Angelina. But because these people are being douches about your hair i hafta say, you can pull off pink hair! I mean it, just please take the rat off your head, seriously that's just not where rats are supposed to be.


WHERE THE HELL IS MY POEM? I worked hard, in fact it probably took me FOUR minutes because I had to Google how many people died from Bubonic Plague!!

What the eff?


OK, this is pissing me off. Why do some comments stay, others don't "stick"?


I'm thinking the whole spelling/punctuation/grammar thing is going to be a problem for our budding novelist.


WHY IS IT THAT EVERY TIME I POST MY RAT POEM IT NEVER SHOWS UP? It's pissing me off. Anyone else ever have this problem posting here? There are no words to flag it... I don't get it.


Maybe I will have to post little by little?


(a "written in under 3 minutes poem by Tova")

Hair of pink &
Nails of black
Only they
will cut you slack



I will try it little by little...

Hair of pink &
Nails of black
Only they
will cut you slack



Oh, the delicious irony of pairing THAT picture with the protest of not being goth/emo/anything but normal.


this is ANGELINA!!!

I'm not emo, you piece of smelly poo, I will rip out anybody's eyeballs who think so, and you know, there's no reason to think so so poo.

And it's my roomate Tamara who is the novelist. I am the photographer.

And i'm sorry I brought up the rat war, but if chris were really over it he wouldn't have posted my email I sent him, now would he of?

I respect other people's pets, why can't you respect mine?

We just love all animals! We have four rats, one puppy and a rabbit. That's a lot of animal.

Thanks for posting my email Chris! But i'm not from Ohio! You can say i'm from Oregon, but i'm not from there either! but i'd like to be.


and i have been miss quoted! I did NOT misspell 'them'!

and he skipped the last part of my email! I will add it here.

"Labels are stupid Chris. And so are stupid punk-arse viewers who bash other people's love for a very friendly and fun pet."


okay. I'm sorry for all this.

I'm going now. love you all. merry chris-mas.


Angelina, chill! You know what rat wars are about or you wouldn't post. Who is the biggest rat hater of all? Chris. And asking for respect on this web site... Respect isn't funny, and most people are jerking your chain... Not being serious. Like I don't actually hate rats, but for rat wars I am damned sure going to write an "anti-rat" poem.

Switch to decaf! Relax! Watch the movie "Willard" or something!


Wow, I didn't know that merely not liking something makes you a jerk-off.

I hate tomatoes. HUGE jerk-off.


Are you SURE you're graduating from college? Is it Junior College? Your grammar and punctuation (not to mention turn-of-phrase) leaves me skeptical...

...also, I like rats.


She is a little high strung for this site, eh?

verse 2...

two hundred million
humans die
Bubonic plague;
still makes me cry



Do you get the feeling she might start crying soon? Like she's jumping up and down in a tantrum "I'M NOT GOTH, I'm NOT Goth! Why is everyone picking on me and my rats! They are "like pets" to me!


FYI--one shouldn't take such offense to being "Goth" or "emo"--we are all human beings, after all. No need for the hating and no need for the labeling, either.


Wow. The grammar alone makes me hate this post. College graduating? Novelist? Yikes. Yay for American education. Unless you're from Canada (since you're apparently not from Ohio or Oregon, which makes me think Ontario could be a strong possibility). Either way, grammatical errors irk me.

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