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April 17, 2009



What is that sticking out of his side? It looks like toy duck feet!


The duck feet are drainage tubes so the wound heals nicely.

We need more DETAILS! How on earth did that happen?!?! (: POor puppy ):


Awwwww Poor Jackey Boy!



Oh, damn. I was hungry... But now I am not.

Thanks for saving me from eating a piece of fattening cheesecake.

Ms Amanda

We think he tried to get in the goat pen or followed the other dog, Harley, through a space not meant for a dog his size. There was barbed wire galore at my brothers house.
I was in the hot tub and he walked by with the gaping wound on his side. It was gnarly. The drainage tube came out after a couple days and then the stitches 2 weeks later. It looks much better now. Though the scar got sunburned and now we are waiting for the hair to grow back.
Tova, I spent about 6 days gagging at the sight of it AND cleaning I had to clean the whole damn thing! Multiple times.... Ack I feel queasy now!


Awww poor guy, yeah barbed wire would probably do it. Silly dogs ;) I'm glad to hear he healed nicely with no complications (:

Kittie in TEXAS

Drainage tubes look like shark teeth from here... which is KIND OF badass.


Ms.Amanda, ummm with all the injuries and sunburn perhaps a hamster or a goldfish would be better for you?


I thought those were bones sticking out of the dog's side...I was horrified with the halfassed job the vet did, leaving all those bones out...sloppy work!

LOL - thank you for letting me know they're draining tubes!


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